Eco-friendly routes will be displayed on Google Maps, and new features will help reduce pollution

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October 08, 2021, 10:31 pm

Several new navigation features have been included in Google Maps.

Some new features are included in the popular navigation service Google Maps, which will help reduce carbon emissions.

These include eco-friendly directions, light navigation for cyclists, and sharing of bike and scooter information.

With the new options, not only will travel be easier for users, but pollution during this time will also be reduced.

Tell us how the new Google Maps features will work.

Information about features contained in the blog post

Google mentioned the new features of the Maps service in a blog post.

With eco-friendly routing, it will show Google Maps users which routes will cost less fuel.

At the same time, cyclists will get better information using other light navigation features.

With the bike and scooter sharing feature, users will be able to see how many two-wheeled vehicles are available at their nearest stations, from which they can travel.

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly directive to reduce pollution

Environmentally friendly directive to reduce pollution
Google is trying to reduce carbon emissions with new features.

The green routing feature will use Google’s artificial intelligence algorithms to show users the route with the lowest fuel consumption.

This route is not necessarily the shortest way to get somewhere.

Users will be shown both the eco-friendly route and the shortest route, where they will be able to choose the route.

The company claims that with the eco-friendly path, one million tons of carbon emissions could be reduced each year.

Light cycling for cyclists

The lightweight navigation system was introduced specifically for cyclists. This feature will help them on the go and they won’t have to enlist the help of the app every time they switch.

This way with light navigation, they will be able to focus on the road instead of on the mobile screen.

This feature will display real-time information such as flight progress and ETA updates.

This feature will soon become part of the mobile app and can be selected while viewing directions.

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Bicycle and scooter sharing information

Bicycle and scooter sharing information
The Maps app will also help with sharing the two wheels.

Google Maps will also provide users with information about the nearest bike and scooter stations in some cities.

The new feature will be available in cities such as Berlin, New York, Sao Paulo, and Taipei.

This way, users will not only be able to share the two wheels, but they will also be given information about their availability or unavailability in the app.

The company said that this feature will initially be available in more than 300 cities.

Maps support for older phones has ended

Google has ended support for its apps, including Google Maps, for older smartphones effective September 27, 2021.

If you want to continue using Google Maps on the old phone even after that, at least Android 3.0 Honeycomb must be installed in it.

Changes made by Google to the login system will affect the application level and login to the application will not be possible.

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