Earth treasuries have finally found their true purpose: shitcoin to be on steroids


One of the formerly 10 largest stablecoins is pumping 800% after suffering a 99% crash, while a group of scammers claims to blame the fraudsters behind the scam: defrauding themselves. The Tira disaster continues.

If you look at coding courses today, you can rub your eyes first: the ground tank is back. Pegging to the dollar? It has accurately outperformed the previous stablecoin Terra after its 99% crash in May 2022. Under the name Terra Classic USD, it is now bouncing through the top 100 cryptocurrencies like shitcoin on steroids. In the past week alone, it rose nearly 800 percent to just under 7 cents. why? No idea. As far as we know, Elon Musk has not tweeted anything about floor cabinets. There is also no Elon Musk deepfake technique.

Terra Classic USD is probably tired of the hard life as a stablecoin. Nearly 2,000 other altcoins don’t bother up and down the shitcoin carousel daily, pumping and dumping until dawn on Binance. You yourself are sitting bored by the angry and conservative dollar. You may ask yourself: Why am I doing this to myself?

Earth treasuries were always destined to live as Chetcoin anyway. without obligations. In complete freedom. And while the star of the Terra ecosystem happily enjoys its newfound independence, another group of scammers associated with Terra has proven that cryptocurrency is still more stupid than meets the eye. very stupid.

In a recent YouTube video, Anonymous allegedly threatened UST’s inventor, Do Kwon. The hackers announced that they would expose all his evil machinations. The message has made the rounds of all media. A little later, it turns out that the video may have been a scam in itself. Its purpose: to promote another worthless Chetcoin called AHCC. The official Anonymous Twitter account explained this.

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The whole story seems like a silly metaphor for everything that goes wrong in space. Incidentally, it makes a nice tongue: scammers are threatening Shitcoin scammers in order to defraud Shitcoin themselves.

In other words: stop cryptocurrencies.

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