Dutch Strikes Across Borders: From Radar Love to Boom, Boom, Boom and Boom!!

Dutch Strikes Across Borders: From Radar Love to Boom, Boom, Boom and Boom!!

More than fifteen years later, Bananarama has done it again. The British pop band released a cover of Venus in 1986, and this track is also a magnet. Bananarama’s version of the song also topped the US charts.

Golden Earring – Love Radar

Radar Love was a huge hit for the Golden Earring in the United States in 1974, with the song still being one of the top hits. driving songs is labeled. After Radar Love, the group from The Hague is allowed to tour with greats like Santana and Aerosmith, and in this way the tastes of world stars.

In total, the Golden Earring makes ten rounds across America, although not all of them are equally profitable. Guitarist Rinus Gerritzen tells the story in the 1990s: “During our first tour, the local manager took us in limousines.” Financial Economic Journal† “We were amazed that the guys from Aerosmith were all in a pickup truck. Only three months later we understood why: then we got the bill.”

To chart the surviving power of Radar Love, there’s also a website dedicated to the history of the song. Radar-love.net maintains a schedule of all covers and live performances by other artists. For example, we see that REM and U2 among others played the track live, and the song was used during Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign.

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