Dutch soldiers leave Afghanistan

Dutch soldiers leave Afghanistan

Tonight, US President Joe Biden will deliver a speech: All American military want to leave the country by September 11, 2021. Other NATO countries, such as Germany, are following the example of the United States. The Netherlands could not function without American and German support.

Force decision

Germany believes that the NATO force in Afghanistan should jointly withdraw. “We always said: Go out together at home together,” German Defense Minister Angret Kramp-Karenbauer told ARD. “I support an orderly departure and I assume we, NATO, will agree to that day.”

According to Kramp Karenbauer, departure will likely take place in September.

Very dependent

The Dutch defense ministers have also stressed time and time again that the principle applies: “Let’s go out together, at home together”. The Dutch Army is highly dependent on American and German soldiers.

For example, the United States provides air support, drones, and support. The NATO mission in northern Afghanistan is led by a German soldier.

American withdrawal

The then US President Donald Trump had already announced the withdrawal of the US military as of May 1. New President Joe Biden moved the date to 9/11.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is today for a consultation at NATO headquarters in Brussels. Blinken says Washington is working on a “coordinated” departure in consultation with NATO partners. We have achieved our goals and now is the time to bring our troops home. “

The withdrawal in September aims to end the longest war waged by the United States and its allies, initially in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States.

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80 additional Dutch

Around 160 Dutch soldiers are currently participating in the Resolute Support Mission of NATO, whose main task is to train and advise the Afghan army. This month that number will be increased by 80 Dutch, for safety reasons. These are the so-called infantry soldiers in the army who were on standby as a precaution.

Due to the withdrawal, the security situation in the country deteriorated. Foreign forces can also be targeted often. The Defense Ministry said earlier that the army should be deployable by April 30.

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