Matildas threatens to repeat Sociros’s costly mistake, Despotovsky warns

Matildas threatens to repeat Sociros's costly mistake, Despotovsky warns

Former Perth Glory coach Bobby Despotovsky is concerned that Matilda’s team will repeat a football mistake they made more than a decade ago.

Tony Gustafsson’s team returned to work last week and suffered heavy defeats against both Germany and the Netherlands.

A few months after the Tokyo Olympics, these results became a concern for the team that will compete in the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

Despotovsky, who oversaw Sam Kerr at The Glory, believes Matildas will struggle to compete against emerging European giants based on the current Australian soccer infrastructure.

“I don’t think they are good enough at the moment to win the World Cup,” Despotovsky said. Chips, spiders and much more Podcast.

“We’ll give him a good chance. I think our defense is a bit slow and it looks like it might be the semi-finals, maybe the quarter-finals. There is something.”

“The truth is, many countries have invested heavily in women’s sports, as we know, especially in Europe. I mentioned this maybe five years ago when I told people, ‘When Europe wakes up, it’s really easy to play women’s card game. . “

“Because of course all the infrastructure is already in place. All you need is 20 players plus a coach. Here are two million pounds, start looking for a team – very easy. Because we don’t have any infrastructure here, we have to travel far.”

“From Perth Glory’s point of view, we have to negotiate our stadium with Perth Football Club every year. Every year we have to see if the physicist will stay and he signed the players year after year, and nobody has more than a year, it’s really kind of Amateurs. “

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Despotovsky is also concerned that Matilda is making the same mistake that the Sukeros team made more than a decade ago and not preparing for their current superstars’ retirement.

“The truth is, we have a good squad that is getting old now and it is not late anymore,” he said.

“That’s exactly what we did with Australian men’s soccer when we loved them for many years … Without doing the background work of knowing Craig Moore will retire in three to four years, let’s have the next Craig Moore. Or the next Zeljko Kalac. … or Viduka Next … ”or Harry Kewell.

“We’ve been so busy liking you and that’s exactly what we’re doing now in the women’s game.

“We love Sam Care without really looking for it now. In the next four or five years it will retire and there will be a very, very big void.”

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