Dutch player at home

Dutch player at home

Although he was born and raised in the football frenzy in the Netherlands, the sport did not impress Ryan den Holcher.

Instead, he was obsessed with American football because he watched his older brother play. When he was eleven years old, he played the game. He wanted close relationships with the game body and the team.

“I loved it,” Dean Holcher said. “I realized that it doesn’t matter how big or strong you are. If you have the heart and the passion, you can play and win.”

Growing up in the Dutch town of De El Haj, he said it was strange that some friends and relatives showed little interest in football.

Over the summer, Den Holcher, 22, left his homeland and came to Cisco College in the rural slums of California. A month later, the new student began the September 3 season in football uniform. Writer Against Diablo Valley.

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