Duque da Cruz de Boyaca to Diana Trujillo; How did he leave the country?

Duque da Cruz de Boyaca to Diana Trujillo;  How did he leave the country?

The ceremony should have taken place from a distance. President Evan Duque He was in the Casa de Narino, while the world was Diana Trujillo He was at the Colombian Consulate in Los Angeles.

The President said during his speech that the country is proud of what Diana Trujillo means science And for new discoveries made thanks to their work.

Then he wanted to give his words a more human touch and added that History of the Engineer Represents the Colombians. His remarkable phrase came.

“It fills me with pride because his story is the one that embodies the true feelings of the Colombian people. Study, hard work, perseverance, courage and innovation. This is the road that led you to go to the United States.”

Here is the president’s statement:

He later indicated that Trujillo had received the recognition during the year that – he said – The results of the Panel of the Wise Men will appear to deepen science and technology.

On both sides, he also included the women of his government in the speech. Mentioned the Questioned Minister of Science and Technology, Maple Torres, They said that Vice President Marta Lucia Ramirez, Who fell in a recent event in the NavyHe was the one who led the mission of the Magi.

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Diana Trujillo sent a message to the children of Colombia upon receiving the Boyaca Cross

She thanked the flight engineer, sometimes with a broken voice, for the distinction, and focused her conversation on that Most Important Audience: Future Explorers.

Tell the children that they have to believe in themselves and in this They don’t have to stop being in order to succeed in science.

“You don’t have to be an Einstein, you don’t have to go to the most famous or the most expensive university. You just have to be curious and persistent.”

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