Duncan Robinson asked Mark Titus about working in the media three years ago and he’s now in the NBA Finals.

Duncan Robinson finishes the Boston Celtics. | Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

Duncan Robinson will start the Miami Heat match in the 2020 NBA Finals. It’s a very impressive feat for a man who went without a drafting two years ago. You could say no one saw this coming and you’d be right. Not even Robinson dared to dream like this. Just three years ago, he texted Mark Titus about advice on pursuing a media career.

This message was sent two months before Michigan played its first game of the 2017-2018 season. Robinson started three games with Wolverine the previous season. He was 23 years old. While no real man in Michigan is seriously asking someone from Ohio for advice on anything, Robinson was taking an honest look at his future and never saw himself playing basketball.

Then Michigan went on a tour that ended with an NCAA game. Robinson, the sixth man of the year in the Big Ten, did not score in the title game, but yada, yada, yada, will be on the ground with LeBron James in the NBA Finals on Wednesday night.

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