Duncan Laurence conquers the United States with song Arcade – Songfestival.be

Duncan Laurence conquers the United States with song Arcade - Songfestival.be

Three years ago no one knew him, two years ago he won the Eurovision Song Contest from None for the Netherlands and since then it has not cooled down around the singer. Thanks to the popular app TikTok, his Eurovision winning song soars high in the US.

This interest actually ensured that he was allowed to perform in The today’s showBehind the piano we know from Tel Aviv but with strings behind it, and now it is allowed in as well The Ellen DeGeneres Show Perform his song with the singer Fletcher. So it appears to be the perfect ad for that American Song Contest, Which should start in 2022 in 50 US states. Duncan’s song is now ranked at number 54 at Billboard Global 200And He got first place in Bubbling under 100 singles, from Contemporary adults, from Senior adult 40 And the Main stream 40As well as all the magazine listings painting.

Is Duncan the first Eurovision winner to conquer the United States with this? We take a look back, based on an overview previously published by Aussievision.

Save your kisses for me

1976 winning song from Brotherhood of Man, Save your kisses for me, He ended up twice in Billboard Hot 100List of major hits in the United States. On the cover of American singer Bobby Fenton, he reached 75th. The original version was 27th. The British group also sided with United we stand, where are you going to my love in a Reach out In US charts.


I am not old enough

English language version of Gigliola Cinquetti’s I am not old enough Finished like These are my prayers 72nd. This version is sung by Ray Charles Singers, so as not to be confused with Ray Charles, among others. Georgia on my mind. The group also covered another Italian Eurovision song, over there Written by Betty Curtis, 5th place in the 1961 Eurovision Song Contest. Als Al-Di-La The song ranked 29th in Billboard Hot 100. This song also made it to the list in releases by Emilio Pericoli and Connie Francis. The latter released an album with covers of Italian songs, including beside him Al-Di-La Goodbye Goodbye in a romantic, Both are Eurovision entries.



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Of course, the most successful Eurovision winner on that list Waterloo From ABBA. The song took sixth place. With Give me a chance to prove it to you The group occupied the third and eighth place The winner gets everything in a The Dancing Queen He was in first place for a week.


To fly

This is Waterloo But it’s not Eurovision’s most successful original single Billboard Hot 100. Domenico took Modogeno In blue in blue 1st place for five weeks and has been on the list for sixteen weeks. Modugno made the list as well with its other entry It’s raining (bye bye, bye bye baby), Which had been in 97th place for one week. He. She To fly The Italian singer has also reached the biggest American charts on a version of the McGuire Sisters. One of America’s greatest singers Al Martino also released a version of Italian classics, as did Dean Martin and Bobby Riddle. Both of these versions bring it on Billboard Hot 100.


Love is blue

The most successful Eurovision song ever, if we look at that chart again, it’s not an original. This is a cover by Vicky Leandros’ Love is blue, In the version written by Paul Moriat and an orchestra translated as Love is blue. That song was number one for five weeks and on the list for eighteen weeks. Also in a transcript of Manny Kellem, Orchestra and Choir, the song with the same title made it to the list. In the same year, the aforementioned Claudine Longit and Al Martineau took 71st and 57th places, respectively. It’s not over yet, The Dells in Illinois also got its own version of the song on the list, in mix with I can sing the rainbow.


Other well-known Eurovision entries that made it to the list are the following:

    1. Knock roads from there By Mary Hopkin (ranked 92nd highest);
    2. Congratulations Cliff Richard (99th);
    3. Begging, stealing, or borrowing The New Seekers (81st)
    4. Oh ah … just a little bit From Gina J (12th place);
    5. it’s you From Mocedades (9th place)
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The winning song of 2018, toy, It was also shown in two American charts, Dance Club Songs And the Hot dance / electronic songs.

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