Dumoulin returns to the Tour de Suisse, big goal for the Olympic Experience | Cycling

Dumoulin returns to the Tour de Suisse, big goal for the Olympic Experience |  Cycling

Tom Dumoulin returns as a cyclist. After a four-month break, experimenting with Olympic timing in Tokyo became his big goal. He will return during his tour of Switzerland on June 6.

Written by Daniel Dwarswaard

Domulin paused cycling at the end of January because he felt sad as a professional, and wanted to take the time for himself to see if he still wanted to continue. The answer to this question has been found in recent months. Domulin approached the team management to see if it could be deployed again in the lead up to the Games. This will happen now on the tour of Switzerland. The Olympic timing trial is scheduled to begin on July 28. As a participant in that time experience, Domulin automatically guarantees a road race spot in Japan.

Recently, Dumoulin has come out of his shell a little more. He was a guest on the Amstel Gold Race and was often seen on his bike in Limburg. It was already clear that the former Tour of Italy winner would not be riding the upcoming Tour de France. His Jumbo-Visma team completed the team for the tour a few weeks ago.

Tom Domolin during the winter training camp in Spain. © Photo: Cor Vos

Dumoulin, who also became world champion in Trials, explained in January why he wanted to take a break. “I actually felt for a year that it was very difficult for me to figure out how to find my way as a“ Tom Dumoulin biker. ”I find it especially difficult with all the stress that comes with it and the expectations of various parties,” he said at the time. Well done to a lot of people. I want the team to be happy with me, as well as the sponsors, my wife, my family and my colleagues. I want to do it well for everyone, which is why I forgot myself a little bit last year. ”

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“What do I want? Do I still want to be a cyclist? And if so, then how? What does a human Tom Dumolin really want in his life? This is the question that has been emanating from the depth for a few months. I don’t have time to answer,” Dumolin asked out loud. To that question. It made me slowly unhappy and that’s a shame. “

So it took that time now. And the answer is clear: Tom Dumoulin still wanted to be a cyclist.

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