Apple fired Peter after discrediting women in tech

Apple fired Peter after discrediting women in tech

Antonio Garcia Martinez, who previously worked at Facebook and sold a startup to Twitter, wrote in his book that women in Silicon Valley are “weak and spoiled”, and caused an uproar

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In recent years, we’ve seen more and more employee organizations at tech companies happy – not about wages and terms – but about policies and values. Now they record the victory of thousands of Apple employees who gathered together in recent days around a single goal – to exclude an employee who, in their opinion, should not be present at the level of value.

He sold a company to Twitter, worked on Facebook, and wrote a compact book

Apple last month hired Antonio Garcia Martinez, who until recently was the product manager for Facebook’s advertising division, previously sold the startup he founded to Twitter. But at the same time, Garcia Martinez published a book entitled Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley) that led to his dismissal.

In his book, Garcia Martinez refers to his experiences over the years in Silicon Valley, describing the women he met throughout his career in a way that leaves no room for imagination, and this has led to severe reactions against him among Apple employees. Among other things, García Martinez wrote in his book: “Most women in the Gulf region are weak, spoiled, innocent, and sensitive – even though they represent themselves as the“ women of the big world. ”Garcia Martinez also wrote that Silicon Valley women are“ full of shit ”.

Garcia Martinez has a deep relationship with Israel as evidenced by his tweets:

When he learned that Garcia Martinez had joined Apple, there was widespread protest among the company’s employees, and thousands of them signed a petition demanding that his hiring process be examined, based on quotes from his book. “We are extremely concerned about the employment of Antonio Garcia Martinez. The petition states that” the comments incorporated in his book are in stark contrast to Apple’s commitment to social diversity. “

And it worked. Shortly after the petition was published and received widespread support from Apple employees, the top executives of the tech giant decided to take action. Garcia Martinez’s Slack account was immediately banned, and at an emergency department meeting, he was supposed to join, he was told he would not continue working for the company.

A statement from Apple said: “Apple has always worked to create a pleasant workplace where all employees are respected and respect each other. For behavior that demeans or discriminates against some people because of their identity – there is no place in the dark.” Garcia Martinez, who was appointed as part of the engineering team for Apple’s advertising division, has yet to respond to the storm surrounding his speedy dismissal and dismissal.

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