DPH investigation resulted in the discovery of an ‘immediate danger’ following the COVID outbreak in a local aged care home | News

DPH investigation resulted in the discovery of an 'immediate danger' following the COVID outbreak in a local aged care home |  News

Norway, Connecticut (WFSB) – The state’s Public Health Department released its findings after investigating the COVID-19 outbreak at Three Rivers Nursing Home in Norwich.

On Monday, the Public Health Administration announced the release of a shortage statement for the Three Rivers Nursing Home.

“I have been wearing a mask for 24 hours because I am very afraid that I will die in this place,” said Edward Pratt, 57, on Monday.

Just one week before Pratt’s scheduled departure from the facility, he tested positive for COVID-19. He says he contracted the virus from a nurse.

He said, “Sometimes she came to my room without a mask or gloves. Because she was in a hurry trying to go home.”

Pratt says he was on his deathbed. He has now returned to the nursing home and is afraid he will not have a second chance.

“I feel like I’m crazy. At this point I feel fear for my life,” Pratt said.

Pratt says he’s now sharing a room with someone who also has COVID-19 … who doesn’t wear a mask.

Some of Pratt’s concerns are among the nine violations the Department of Public Health discovered when they investigated the Norwich home.

Citations include failure to use protective equipment, failure to mobilize residents adequately to prevent the spread of disease and failure to maintain an accurate list of outbreaks.

“All the other nursing homes have done well. That was very dangerous. We had deaths,” Governor Ned Lamont said on Monday.

As the state closely monitors Three Rivers, Pratt hopes for a safe recovery and wants people to know what’s going on inside the home.

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“Two of those people who died shouldn’t have died,” Pratt said.

The investigation began on August 17th, and included daily visits, reviews of facility records, and interviews with several residents and employees of the facility.

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The Department of Public Health released a report of immediate danger, which means the violations are grave enough to risk imminent harm to life. In addition to violating federal standards, the Department of Public Health is investigating whether the facility has violated state regulation laws or executive orders.

“The Department of Public Health is deeply saddened by the further loss of life in nursing homes associated with the Coronavirus. Acting Public Health Department Commissioner Deidre S. Gifford, MD MPH, said,“ We ​​will continue our robust monitoring and enforcement activities in partnership with CMS to ensure that nursing homes Elderly people provide a safe environment for their residents. ”Our investigation revealed system-wide failures in this nursing home in infection control practices that deserve immediate danger. The Public Health Department is committed to holding facilities accountable and ensuring improvements in patient care are made so that residents’ lives are not endangered.

Elizabeth Pratt says her husband, 57-year-old Edward, has been in Three Rivers since December in order to rehab, and he tested positive on August 15.

“That’s where he almost got to his deathbed,” Pratt said. “I threatened to call the police, 911, if you didn’t take my husband to the hospital because he wasn’t breathing properly.”

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Pratt said she told DPH about the positive test. She claims that her husband contracted the virus from a staff member.

“A worker on the third shift brought him his medication, he wasn’t wearing a mask, and he tested positive. The first person here had tested positive. The next thing you know, Boom, is like wildfire and he was supposed to come home. Today is my birthday,” said Pratt .

Channel 3 contacted Three Rivers for a response, but they haven’t released a comment at this time.

To see the full report from the Department of Public Health, click here.

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