Domenicali argues that Formula 1 has a racial problem

Domenicali argues that Formula 1 has a racial problem

Formula 1 director Stefano Domenicali doesn’t think the upper echelon of motorsport has a racial problem. Discussions about racism, discrimination and equality have accelerated last year after the violent death of George Floyd and subsequent protests in the United States. Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes took the lead in supporting the Black Lives Matter, kneeling in front of the Grand Prix and painting the car black.

Kneeling before the race starts is something Dominicali thinks about on his own. “Kneeling means something different to everyone, depending on where you are in the world,” he explains in the Daily Mail. “I want to discuss this with the drivers. We don’t want to focus too much on one gesture. We have a great and big podium in the lead up to the race, but we don’t want to maximize that in a political way. We prefer to highlight the values ​​that matter to the world and Formula 1.”

Like embedding, for example. Hamilton says inequality also exists in motorsport. But according to Dominicali, there is no racial problem in Formula 1. “Anyway, I don’t test it that way. I don’t have any personal experience with it. The opposite is true. Formula 1 started in a certain part of the world – Europe – and then spread to the rest of the world.” In fact, this has resulted in an increase in the multicultural content of our sport. ”

Bernie Ecclestone

Dominicali thus follows the line of former Formula 1 president Bernie Ecclestone. Unlike his predecessor Chase Carey, who tried to keep Ecclestone out of the ring as much as possible, Dominicali seeks regular contact with Ecclestone. And the Italian explained that they talk to each other almost every week.

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“I am communicating very well with Bernie,” says Dominicali. “He told me I could call him if I thought I needed advice. Formula 1 wouldn’t be the way it is today without Bernie. He is a pioneer in how the sport is built, it might be. We won’t forget – I have a lot of admiration for him and what he has done.” And there’s a circuit card ready for him and hopefully he can attend some races.

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