beautiful! These teachers in Groningen run a Swiss Mountain Marathon for KiKa

beautiful!  These teachers in Groningen run a Swiss Mountain Marathon for KiKa

Groningen Linke, France, Margaret and Anne Geert will run one of the world’s most famous mountain marathons this year: the Jungfrau Marathon in Switzerland. A very difficult marathon with a distance of at least 1,830 vertical meters. And they’re not just running this marathon. Because all proceeds go to KiKa.

The four fanatics found each other in love with running, but got to know each other in a completely different place: They are all teachers at De Christelijke Scholengemeenschap Groningen (CSG).

The most beautiful marathon

Jungfrau is a 4,158-meter mountain in Switzerland. The name says it all: Participants of the Jungfrau Marathon of Kika ran on this mountain. In total, this marathon is 1,830 meters vertical and 305 meters down slope. The Jungfrau Marathon will start in Switzerland on September 11, 2021. The marathon has been described as “the most beautiful marathon in the world,” but it is also the toughest marathon in the world. So hard work for the participants!

The counter is running …

Lineke, Frans, Margreet, and Anne Geert all want to collect at least 4,500 euros. Only then can they officially participate in the marathon. That’s a total of 18,000 euros! Here you can see exactly how much the counter has run. It is progressing well, but it has not arrived yet. This is why they are busy campaigns to recruit as many sponsors as possible.


To raise additional funds for KiKa they sell Stolen Easter, which you can order via this link. This way you have a wonderful stealing of yourself during Easter days while you support a good cause. Winning, right? All proceeds will go to Kika Foundation. During the Christmas season, the Four staged a similar campaign with the Christmas Heist. With that, they collected no less than 1,350 euros!

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