Dog Health Issues: 9 Common Ones

Your dogs can get sick for several reasons. While you may properly care for your pet and mitigate its risk of falling sick, dogs are quite prone to some illnesses.

Although, you can regularly take it for checkups and use supplements to minimize the chances of your pet falling prey to these sicknesses. For instance, cannabinoids for dogs is one product that has recently been known to work wonders for dogs’ general wellbeing.

Another thing you can do is to know these common health issues and look out for symptoms of them in your pet. Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing some of the most common health issues dogs are prone to.

 1. Skin Problems

A lot of dogs tend to experience one skin issue or the other. Luckily, this is one health issue that can be easily be spotted as it is often accompanied by several physical signs. Some of these signs include itchiness, the skin could also look scaly, flaky, red, inflamed, or have any other appearance that is abnormal. Furthermore, your pet may start to lose hair in patches.

Reasons for this problem range from skin infection to allergies, parasites, and so on. If you notice that your pet constantly chew or scratch itself or its skin looks different from what it used to be, then consult a vet as soon as possible.

2. Vomiting

Several things could cause your pet to throw up. Although you do not have to go to the vet whenever your pet vomits, you also shouldn’t ignore it.

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Sometimes, the vomiting may be an indication of gastrointestinal blockage, toxicity, or even a more serious illness. Feeding it something its stomach doesn’t agree with can also cause it to throw up.

However, if the vomiting is constant and is accompanied by other symptoms like weakness or diarrhea, then you have to contact your vet.

3. Urinary Tract Infection

Dogs are quite prone to urinary issues. When your pet constantly messes up the home with urine, you may get frustrated. Some persons often feel this is due to their dogs lacking proper training or having behavioral issues.

This is sometimes not the case as the poor guy may just be suffering from a UTI. The chances of this illness are higher if it is a puppy or it has an underlying health condition.

Some symptoms of this issue include increased thirst, frequent and inappropriate urination, lethargy, and bloody urine. Other health conditions like diabetes and kidney disease may be linked with the symptoms listed.

4. Parasites

A dog’s world is filled with parasites. The parasites may be external like ticks and fleas, or internal like intestinal worms and heartworms. You can read this to learn about some common dogs’ intestinal parasites.

Thankfully, you can take some measures to protect your dog from these parasites. You can use preventive treatments monthly. Also, knowing about these parasites can help you protect your pet.

5. Ear Infections

Your precious furry friend may have an ear infection if it constantly scratches its ears or shakes its head. Oftentimes, ear discharge accompanies this condition.

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The condition can be itchy and sometimes painful and can result in severe damage if it is left untreated. If your pet exhibits any of the symptoms mentioned for 1 to 2 days, then you need to take it to the vet. Sometimes, allergies may trigger this condition. Skin problems may also accompany the condition.

6. Dental Problems

A serious yet overlooked health problem dogs are prone to is dental disease, especially periodontal disease. This is a disease that attacks a dog’s tooth and gums attachments.

Some people even think that a dog having awful breath is normal. However, there is nothing normal about this as it may be an indication of dental sickness. When tartar and plaque are in a dog’s mouth, they often hold dangerous bacteria that can damage both the dog’s gums and teeth.

What’s worse is these bacteria can go up the canine’s bloodstream and cause other severe health problems like kidney failure and heart disease.

7. Obesity

While obesity is quite common in dogs, it is one problem that can be easily prevented. This health condition can result in other bad and severe conditions like orthopedic issues, heart disease, diabetes, and so on.

Luckily, you can save your pet from this condition (or even reverse it) with exercise and a good diet.

8. Arthritis

Arthritis causes inflammation in the body’s joint(s). For dogs, Degenerative Joint Disease (also called osteoarthritis) is the arthritis form they are most prone to.

This condition occurs mostly in seniors, although, congenital disorders such as hip dysplasia and old injuries can cause it.

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Thankfully, it can be managed. So, if you think your pet has this condition, schedule a meeting with your vet to discuss the options available.

9. Diarrhea

Things that can cause diarrhea are almost like what causes vomiting and diarrhea and vomiting may sometimes work hand in hand. You can visit to learn more about dogs’ diarrhea.

Just like with vomiting, an episode or two of diarrhea doesn’t warrant an emergency vet visit. However, if it persists, then it can cause dehydration. So, you need to consult the vet if it persists or is accompanied by lethargy and vomiting.


Dogs are prone to some health issues that may disrupt their overall well-being. Here, we have discussed some of these common issues and also what causes them.

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