Do you know why October 3 is “mean girls” day?

October 3rd officially I mean girls day. As the air becomes crisp across the US, my love ReturnSit down to celebrate the unexpected classic cult. While October 3 doesn’t have Pink Day this year, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the movie, but do you know why October 3 is officially considered I mean girls day?

What is the I mean girls About?

When Cady Heron started school at North Shore High School, she was entering an uninhabited area. Previously home schooling, Cady had little experience with American teen dramas. This all changed when she found herself accidentally starting out in the top social strata of the school. From there, things got very intense.

Lindsay Lohan as Cady Heron and Tina Fey as Mrs. Norberry in Mean Girls | CBS via Getty Images

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Once a sweet, if not a little naive teen, Cady was quickly drawn into American high school drama. Instead of just studying and campaigning Regina George, she became one of them and disrupted the entire balance of North Shore High School. Everything was fine and well finished. Cady got the man of her dreams, restored friendships, and her entire score helped them understand each other better.

Why is October 3rd I mean girls day?

Fans of the cult classic celebrate October 3 for one reason and one reason only. October 3rd was the day Aaron asked Samuel Cady about his day. Cady explained in an audio commentary, “With Regina’s blessing, I started talking to Aaron more and more. On October 3, he asked me what day it was.” This moment can be considered the beginning of the end of Cady’s friendship with Regina.

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A few weeks after Cady told Aaron the day, Regina came back with him and triggered Cady’s desire to drop Regina. Did you succeed? Certainly, in some sense. The disintegration of the school’s delicate social system had widespread consequences.

Why I mean girls so lovely?

Mean girls, Judging by the synopsis, it might sound like any other high school teen movie set. There have been hundreds of movies that look alike. So, what exactly sets I mean girls Apart from the crowd and makes it a cult classic? Great writing and acting is one reason it is so celebrated. The movie is infinitely adaptable, and for people who had a tough time in high school, they are ridiculously related.

Lizzie Caplan as Janice Ian and Daniel Franzis as Damian in Mean Girls
Lizzie Caplan as Janice Ian and Daniel Franzis as Damian in “Mean Girls” | CBS via Getty Images

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A movie’s adaptability may be a by-product of the rating system. The film’s director, Mark Waters, sat down with Vulture in 2017 and revealed that the team behind the film spent a lot of time reformulating sexual jokes to satisfy the rating system. It was important that the movie had a PG-13 rating, which, according to Waters, made many of the jokes even funnier.

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