Do Large Cannabis Crops Use Feminized Seeds?

People may see a large cannabis crop and wonder what seeds were used to create it. They question whether the grower planted feminized seeds or if they opted for regular or autoflowering seeds. Although this individual may have used feminized seeds, they most likely planted regular cannabis seeds. They need a large crop because they will weed out the male plants to ensure pollination doesn’t occur. They could end up disposing of half of the plants. What do people wanting to grow cannabis need to know about feminized seeds?

The Creation of Feminized Seeds

In the late 1990s, growers wanted to know how to produce a crop of all female plants. They didn’t want to worry about removing male plants to prevent pollination. If they missed one male plant, the entire crop might be ruined.

When growers first attempted to produce these plants, they encountered some challenges. For example, the plant quality varied, and some plants were hermaphrodites. Thankfully, breeding practices have improved, and a person looking for feminized seeds can purchase with confidence if they are buying from a reputable supplier. 

However, the technique of feminizing seeds started long before breeders used it with cannabis. They adapted the technique in the 1990s for use with these plants, benefiting from the experiences of those who feminized other plants. 

No Female Plants

Growers often refer to the plants sprouted from feminized seeds as female plants. However, the correct term for the plants is feminized, according to scientific definitions. While people know what a grower is talking about when they say female seeds, there is a distinction. Nevertheless, any plant grown from a feminized seed should grow as female plants do and flower the same way. 

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Storing Feminized Seeds

A grower must know how to store feminized seeds. They wonder if these seeds need special treatment or if they can store feminized versions like other seeds. Experts say a person can store their seeds in a perfectly dry location. The temperature needs to be between five and seven degrees Celsius, and the seeds need to be kept in the dark. For this reason, many growers choose to store their seeds in the door of the refrigerator. 

Medicinal Uses

Individuals growing cannabis for medicinal purposes prefer feminized seeds. Because of their medical condition, they may not feel up to weeding out male plants. The feminized seeds ensure they don’t need to take on this task. Growers devote less time and energy to the crop when they use feminized seeds in place of regular seeds. 

Purchasing Feminized Seeds

Quality remains of importance regardless of which cannabis seeds you choose to purchase. When selecting a retailer, consider their reputation and the seed prices. If the supplier offers cannabis seeds at extremely low prices, be wary. They may sell seeds of inferior quality. Ask about the growers’ experience and check the available selections. Furthermore, spend some time engaging with customer service. You want to know help is never more than a phone call or email away if you need advice about growing plants from seeds. 

If you want to grow cannabis for personal use, consider upgrading to feminized seeds. Most growers use these seeds rather than regular seeds, as they want the benefits that come with doing so. Learn more today to see if feminized seeds are right for your needs. 

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