DMKs IT team as Assistant Secretary appoint R. Mahendran || R. Mahendran has been appointed as Joint Secretary of the IT Team at DMK

தி.மு.க.வின் தகவல் தொழில்நுட்ப அணி இணைச்செயலாளராக ஆர்.மகேந்திரன் நியமனம்

Dr.. Mahendran, who recently left the People’s Justice Center and joined the DMK.


Mahendran of Coimbatore was the Vice President of the Center for People’s Justice Party. In the 2019 parliamentary elections, he competed on behalf of the People’s Justice Center and received 1.50 thousand votes. Later, he competed and lost the 2021 General Assembly elections in Singanallur constituency on behalf of the People’s Justice Center.

Mahendran later became the first person to leave the party, claiming that Kamal Hassan had no democratic credentials. A number of key CEOs followed, including Santosh Babu Kumaravil.

In this context, Mahendran recently joined the DMK along with his supporters. Then, volunteers will join where the leadership is right. When I came into politics I chose a leader based on the job. I have relied on it. But this hope was not fulfilled. Mahendran said the DMK, which has not been in power for ten years, has been doing well in the past two months.

In this case, the DMK Thuraimurugan announced that R. Mahendran has been appointed as joint secretary of the IT team.

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