Djokovic, kicked out in Australia, but welcome to Rotterdam…

Djokovic, weggestuurd in Australië, maar welkom in Rotterdam

Novak Djokovic last played in Rotterdam in 2010.
Photo: ANP

Richard Krajicek will welcome Novak Djokovic to Ahoy next month at the ABN Amro World Tennis Championships. “Just look at the sporting side,” says the tournament director. If the surprise arrival of Djokovic – who is not on the list of participants – fails to materialize, Kragic is hoping that Daniil Medvedev will become the world’s new No. 1 in Rotterdam.

“Djokovic is welcome,” Krajesek repeated several times on Wednesday during his presentation of the 49th edition of the ABN AMRO World Tennis Championships. But the tournament director assures that he will not bombard the world’s number one with messages.

“For each edition, there is always a regular call or email to his manager. So he knows he is welcome. He always goes skiing in February to recover from the Australian Open, but I think he wants to recover now. But in a different way,” said Krajicek.


“Everyone has the right to be vaccinated or not to have done things that are prohibited in Holland. We are a sporting event and he would be great sportingly. I have been saying for years that he will be the best player ever and it is great to welcome him here.”

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Russia’s Medvedev, ranked 2 in the world, is considered the best player in Rotterdam based on the world rankings. “I think he is number 1 in the world for Roland Garros, and I hope he is with us. For me he is the favorite to win the Australian Open,” said the former Wimbledon winner.

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“He is a Russian machine, I will say. He never misses anything and I always wonder if he is tired. He keeps going, and even though I no longer play tennis, I feel tired just looking at him. He even manages to tire Djokovic.”

It was recently decided that the tournament would be held in front of empty stands in Ahoy, just like last year. “I said ‘once, but not again’ a year ago. Let’s make it ‘twice and then never again.’ But moving the championship on the calendar wasn’t an option. And we had to decide this already, because we also need time to prepare,” he said. Krajicek, who is not afraid that the field of participants will suffer from the decision.

“I don’t think it has any effect. The only thing is how hard it is to get into Holland and that’s not so bad. With quarantine or something you’re going to scare the players. We’re going to make something nice out of it. And then next year we hope to really release the anniversary to the public again.” other”.

The tournament begins on Monday, February 7th.

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