DHL opens expulsion points in 250 Hema stores | Economy

DHL opens expulsion points in 250 Hema stores |  Economy

Tomorrow Hema and DHL will open DHL parcel point in more than 250 stores to relieve the growing pressure on parcel service. Since the shutdown, far too many online orders have been ordered, which means that more parcel points are also required to meet the growing demand.

Currently, 250 DHL parcel points are being set up at the Hema branches which will open on Friday. According to DHL, additional parcel points facilitate home deliveries in the coming months. In addition to the 250 stores that will be reached as of tomorrow as an eviction point, more store branches are expected to join this initiative in the coming weeks. Hema has a total of 550 stores in the Netherlands.

Only packages

At parcel points, packages can only be received or returned from DHL. Hema branches cannot be reached during closing to purchase other items. The two companies want to continue serving in stores after the lockdown ends.

“Hema and many other retailers are working overtime when it comes to online orders, which inevitably puts extra pressure on home deliveries. For retailers, this online turnover is currently of vital importance, which is why we are happy to contribute to the increased capacity of delivery services. In this way, consumers can keep ordering their products and we help prevent the delivery system from being overloaded. ”DHL currently delivers over a million packages per day in the Netherlands.

For all Hema branches, Parcel points are open Monday through Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM.

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