Detroit assembly line worker pulls John Legend out of his seat on The Voice

Detroit assembly line worker pulls John Legend out of his seat on The Voice

A Detroit car assembly line worker just gave his life on The Voice, he even made John Legend get out of his seat for him. 28-year-old Ryo Soma was born and raised in Detroit and currently works for Chrysler.

Soma performed Motown’s 1979 song, “Cruisin” by Smokey Robinson Overnight, three times from Blind Auditions in NBC’s Reality TV Singing Competition for the episode that aired on Monday, October 26th. He got not one, not two, but three of the four coaches to turn their seats.

“I’m currently a production assembly worker at Chrysler.“ I’ve been there for the past three years, ”Soma said in his induction pack.“ The car floats above us and they travel on a conveyor belt and carry the jacket. Every 45 seconds a new car comes and I dig into the fuel tank. “

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He says that while he enjoys being an auto worker, he will quit his assembly line job with heartbeat for a singing career.

Ryo Soma, from Detroit, while performing blind auditions on “The Voice” (Photo by Tyler Golden / NBC)

“I love working in the factory. It’s great money. It’s a job that a lot of people in this city covet, but it’s not my heart’s place. I’ve been wanting to play music for a long time and am ready to quit my job for it if I have to.”

The Voice coach, Gwen Stefani, was the first to turn her chair. She immediately pressed her red button when she heard Soma sing. Next was John Legend, who got off his chair while Soma continued to sing. Kelly Clarkson was the last coach to turn. Blake Shelton didn’t turn his chair because he said he wasn’t familiar with the song and didn’t think he could direct Soma the right way in the competition.

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“Let’s talk about that song.” “It was written by Great Detroit,” said Legend. “Smoky Robinson, Motown sound engineer, and this is literally one of my favorite songs on the planet. And when your voice came, it was just magical from the start. You showed us that powerful voice you have, and you showed us that super beautiful voice you have. You made it your own. You are a great singer. “

“Rio, you have a wonderful gift,” said Clarkson. “The thing that impresses me the most is when the singers go to places I wouldn’t think of. John, in fact, do that too for me as a singer. Not many people are capable of that. You’re awesome. A killer voice.”

“I love it. It sounds unique.” Stephanie said, “It also sounds professional and perfect.” “The exciting thing about you, is the confidence that you have on stage knowing that the music lives inside of you.”

Soma had to decide which coach he wanted to work with on the show. He ended up with John Legend.

“Ryo has an energy and a sense of humor about him,” Legend added. “He loves soul music and there are so many places to go. Very happy that he’s on Team Legend.”

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