Deputy Neneki Homan takes over the highest office in Geneva

Deputy Neneki Homan takes over the highest office in Geneva

Ninke Homann, who recently indicated that he is stepping down as a Groningen deputy member, will be given a new position at the Green Hydrogen (GH2) organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. (Green Hydrogen Organization).

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Nienke Homan (Green Left), who is leaving as deputy at the end of November, will join the Board of Directors of Green Hydrogen (GH2).

In a statement released today by this globally operating organization, Nienke Homan is described as a “sustainability expert.” Homann is president of the Sustainable Hydrogen Club and co-founder of Groningen is home to one of the largest and longest-producing gas fields in the world, and Ms Homann has been a strong supporter of renewable energy and green hydrogen as an alternative to fossil gas in the region.”

“I am delighted to be joining the Green Hydrogen Board of Directors, because green hydrogen is the missing link in the energy transition, and because we need to ensure a green hydrogen economy,” says Nienke Homan.

Jonas Moberg, CEO of GH2 welcomed the announcement and said, “We are delighted to welcome Nienke. Green Hydrogen is significantly accelerating the development of green hydrogen to phase out fossil fuels in key economic sectors. Ms. Homanns’ background in policy and experience will be an important addition to the Board of Directors.” GH2 Corporation Management”.

GH2 was launched in September 2021. It is chaired by the former Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull. GH2 is a Swiss non-profit foundation supported by Fortescue Future.

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Other GH2 Board Members are:

• Dr. Yongshu Chee, President and Chief Innovation Officer of Hyundai Motor Van Group, Zuid Korea

• the master. Yoon Choi, CEO of Korea Zinc Co., Ltd., South Korea

• Ms. María Paz de la Cruz, CEO, H2 Chile, Chile

• Dr. Andrew Forrest AO, founder of Fortescue Future Industries, President of Fortescue

The Minerals Group and Mindero Foundation, Australia

• Dr. Frannie Léautier, CEO, Southbridge Capital, Rwanda

• Your Honor. Malcolm Turnbull, former Prime Minister of Australia (President)

• Lord Adair Turner, Chair of the Energy Transitions Commission and former Chair of the Financial Services Authority, UK

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