Denmark attacks Moldova and is sure of the World Cup qualifiers, Switzerland beat Northern Ireland

Denmark attacks Moldova and is sure of the World Cup qualifiers, Switzerland beat Northern Ireland

It must be very strange if Denmark does not participate in the World Cup in Qatar next year. It’s great that the strong Danes, after the drama with Christian Eriksen and the European Commission that went so well, continue to impress. Denmark won a big victory over Moldova (0-4) and has not lost any point and has not conceded so far.

These are impressive numbers: 21 points from 7 games and 26 goals, 0 against. They really are in Group F. Scotland are trying to win everything to get the chance to qualify directly for the World Cup.

In the meantime, the management of the Danish team is likely to start booking hotels. They already saw their team take a 0-4 lead in the first half after goals by Andreas Skov Olsen, European Champion Simon Kjaer (a penalty under the bar), Christian Norgaard and Joachim Mahle.

In the same group, Scotland earlier in the evening beat Israel (3-2) and Austria was very strong over the Faroe Islands (0-2).

England barely beat Andorra

English fans have sat for a while as England may be able to beat Andorra by double digits. It became more difficult in Andorra. In the end only the English got away a bit: 0-5. Top scorers were Ben Chilwell, Bukayo Saka, Tammy Abraham, James Ward-Prowse and Jack Grealish.

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In the same first group, Poland also beat San Marino. In Warsaw the score was 5-0, but surprisingly Robert Lewandowski did not score once. Albania shattered Hungary’s World Cup dream with a late goal by former Vitesse player Armando Bruja.

This makes for an exciting fight for 2nd place in the first group. Albania is in at the moment with 15 out of 7, and Poland comes in behind with one point. England is 4 points away.

Switzerland and Italy will disintegrate
In Group C, Switzerland continues to chase Italy. The Swiss had a hard time with 10 men from Northern Ireland. Jamal Lewis received his second yellow card half an hour later. Then Stephen Zuber scored, but stayed 1-0 for a long time. Christian Wassnacht scored 2-0 in added time.

After the victory over Northern Ireland, Switzerland became equal with Italy in terms of losses. Italy is 14 out of 6, and Switzerland is 11 out of 5. The rest, consisting of Northern Ireland, Bulgaria and Lithuania, are no longer participating.

Lithuania booked another victory on Saturday, a year later. Bulgaria had to believe it 3-1.

Summary of Switzerland and Northern Ireland

A small victory for the Serbs
Finally, Serbia won with less effort than Luxembourg: 0-1. Striker Dusan Vlahovic (Fiorentina), who is required to lead the whole of Europe, scored the only goal in the 68th minute. In the first set, Ireland beat Azerbaijan 0-3 earlier on Saturday.

The Serbs jump over Portugal to finish first with 14 out of 6. Portugal has 13 out of 5. Luxembourg, Ireland and Azerbaijan can be forgotten about the World Cup.

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