Austrian Prime Minister Kurz resigns after corruption allegations

Austrian Prime Minister Kurz resigns after corruption allegations

Soon, cracks widened in the coalition between Kurz’s conservative Austrian People’s Party and the Greens since the chancellor was suspected of corruption and bribery.

Impeccable behavior

The Prime Minister did not want to budge yesterday. But the left-wing Environmental Party asserted that Kurz could no longer survive. The Green Party demands “flawless” behaviour.

After a meeting with his party, Kurz resigned. He insists he is innocent, but says he is stepping down for the country. “At this difficult time, it should not be about the interests of a person, a party or political tactics,” he said during the press conference. I think my country is more important than me.”

“I’m just a human being who has feelings and makes mistakes,” he said. I will take this opportunity to refute and refute the allegations made against me.” He remains the party leader and holds a seat in Parliament. The intention is for the Foreign Minister, Alexander Schallenberg, to succeed Kurz.

Earlier this week, the ÖVP alliance partner had already begun shaking hands with Kurz. This happened after he learned that the judiciary was investigating Curtis’ dealings with influence on the media.

bribery newspaper

This led to a series of home searches, including among close members of his team. As Secretary of State, Kurtz was allegedly involved in bribing newspapers with taxpayer money in 2016.

Kurz became the world’s youngest prime minister in 2017 at the age of 31. He rules with De Groenen since the beginning of 2020.

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