Defeats the Texas Jags to claim first win of the season under Romeo Krenell

Defeats the Texas Jags to claim first win of the season under Romeo Krenell

Houston (AFP) – Deshawn Watson threw 359 yards high and three touchdowns, and the Houston Texans scored their first win of the season with a 30-14 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday in the wake of coach Bill O’Brien. shooting.

O’Brien, who was also the general manager, was abandoned on Monday after Texas fell to 0-4 last weekend. Romeo Krenell was appointed interim coach and at the age of 73 became the oldest coach in NFL history, having passed Hall of Famer George Halas, who was 72, in his last match for the Bears in 1967.

Texas took a 23-14 lead after a field goal about 7 minutes before the match and got the ball back when Jacob Martin sacked Gardner Menchow and forced her into confusion. It was recovered by Whitney Mercilus, who flopped back, but Texas pounced on the ball to hold it.

Houston (1-4) pushed the lead to 30-14 when Watson found Brandon Cox in a 28-yard drop pass in fourth and fourth places with about five minutes remaining.

The Jaguars (1-4), which lost three defensive players to injuries, have lost four in a row since their season opener over Indianapolis. Minshew threw up to 301 yards and was twice at a loss.

Texas managed to overcome two objections by Watson by capitalizing on two sensitivities by the Jaguars. These were the first coups Texas forced throughout the season.

Houston also played much better against the race in the first game under Krenell, a former defense coordinator. They got into the game allowing NFL – Worst 181.8 yards, but limited the Jaguars to 75 on Sunday.

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Chefs gained 161 yards a season and David Johnson was his best game of the year with a 96-yard lunge.

The Texans pushed their three-point first-half lead to 13-7 with a field goal early in the third quarter and were leading again later in the third when Sydney Jones intercepted Watson for the second time. He brought it back 48 yards and he would have scored if Watson hadn’t handled it.

Jacksonville wasn’t able to take advantage of the mistake, rookie James Robinson stumbled after taking a straight shot in fourth from Houston 10 and JG Watt recovered it.

Watson then drove a 90-yard engine capped with a 19-yard TD throw to Will Fuller to extend the lead to 20-7 early in the fourth.

Minshew threw a 4-yard pass to rookie Colin Johnson in fourth and fourth places as a result narrowing the lead to 20-14 with about 10 minutes remaining. Chris Conley had a reception 51 yards earlier driving to get the Jaguars into the scoring position.

Houston led 3-0 early in the second quarter when Mincio threw a 13-yard touch pass to Kellan Cole to put Jaguar ahead.

Darren Fils stepped in front of the defense and was wide open for the 44-yard sprint which made him 10-7 later in the second.

The Jaguars had a chance to equalize before the end of the first half, but Stephen Hauschka missed two field goals in the last 37 seconds of the second quarter. He missed 24 yards first when his kick sailed left.

Jones Watson intercepted in the next game and Hauschka got another chance in the last game of the quarter. But his attempt from 49 yards was short to leave Houston in a 10-7 spike.

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Hauschka, signed last week, is the fourth goal scorer for Jaguars in this season’s match.

Secnod District

Hou_FG Fairbairn 36, 14:07. Drive: 17 plays, 73 yards, 7:35. Main Plays: Da. Johnson’s Run 5 on 3rd and 1st; D. Watson 14 scrolled to still images on days 3 and 4; D. Watson 3 passed to Da. Johnson on 3 and 2; D. Watson 13 Passes to Fells; D. Watson 11 Run; D. Watson 4 passed to Da. Johnson on 3 and 12. Houston 3, Jacksonville 0.

Jac_K.Cole 13 pass from Minshew (Hauschka kick), 6:33. Drive: 12 plays, 75 yards, 7:34. Main Plays: Pass Minshew 15 to Shenault; Minshew 11 ran in 3 and 7; Minshew 13 passes to Eifert in 3 and 1; Ruby is 5 yards defensive with a penalty kick at 3 and 8. Jacksonville 7, Houston 3.

Hou_Fells pass 44 by Dee Watson (Fairbairn kick), 4:32. Driving: 4 plays, 75 yards, 2:01. Major Plays: Passed D. Watson 17 to Cobb; Passon D. Watson 11 to Fuller. Houston 10, Jacksonville 7.

Third quarter

Hou_FG Fairbairn 33, 11:35. Driving: 9 plays, 60 yards, 3:25. Main Plays: Da. Johnson’s 7 playback on the 3rd and 1st; D. Watson 23 passes to the Cooks. Houston 13, Jacksonville 7.

Fourth quarter

Hou_Fuller 19 pass by Dee Watson (Fairbairn kick), 14:16. Driving: 8 plays, 90 yards, 4:00. Main Plays: Running Da. Johnson 12; D. Watson 14 Range; D. Watson 22 pass to the Cooks; D. Watson 11 passed to Du. Johnson. Houston 20, Jacksonville 7.

Jac_C.Johnson 4 pass from Minshew (Hauschka kick), 10:18. Driving: 10 plays, 75 yards, 3:58. Major Plays: Pass Minshew 11 to Chark; Minshew 2 is played in 3 and 1; Minsho 51 passes to Conley. Houston 20, Jacksonville 14.

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Hou_FG Fairbairn 46, 7:29. Driving: 6 plays, 47 yards, 2:49. Main Gameplay: Swipe D. Watson 36 to the Cooks. Houston 23, Jacksonville 14.

Hou_Cooks 28 pass by D. Watson (Fairbairn kick), 4:39. Driving: 4 plays, 34 yards, 1:35. Houston 30, Jacksonville 14.



Individual statistics

RUSHING_Jacksonville, J. Robinson 13-48, Minshew 4-18, Thompson 2-7, Cole 1-2. Houston, Da Johnson 17-96, Watson 2-25, Do Johnson 3-8.

PASSING_Jacksonville, Minshew 31-49-0-301. Houston, Watson 25-35-2-359.

RECEIVING_Jacksonville, Shenault 7-79, J. Robinson 5-22, Thompson 3-35, Johnson 3-30, O’Shaughnessy 3-20, Chark 3-16, Eifert 3-16, Conley 2-58, Cole 2-25 . Houston Cooks 8-161, Cobb 6-47, Fuller 4-58, Phils 2-57, Da Johnson 2-7, Shots 1-14, DO Johnson 1-11, Brown 1-4.

PUNT RETURNS_Jacksonville, none. Houston, Carter 1-9.

KICKOFF RETURNS_Jacksonville, Cole 1-40. Houston, nothing.

Interventions – ASSISTS-SACKS_Jacksonville, Thomas 7-0-0, Herndon 6-0-0, De Allen 5-2-0, Claybrooks 5-0-0, Schubert 3-1-0, S Jones 3-0- 0, Brian 2-1-0, Wilson 2-1-0, Smoot 2-0-1, A. Jones 2-0-0, J Jones 2-0-0, Gutsis 1-1-0, Marsh 1-0-0 , Chesson 0-1-0, Costin 0-1-0, Hamilton 0-1-0. Houston, Adams 7-6-0, Cunningham 7-3-1, Joe Reed 5-1-0, Robbie 4-1-0, Murray 3-3-0, Thomas 3-2-0, G Martin 2-1 -1, Hargreaves 2-1-0, B-Hall 1-2-0, L Johnson 1-2-0, Scarlett 1-2-0, Dunn 1-1-0, Mercilus 1-0-1, Black Look 1 -0-0, Watkins 1-0-0, Watt 0-2-0.

INTERCEPTIONS_Jacksonville, Wilson 1-48, S. Jones 1-0. Houston, nothing.

Missed field goals _Jacksonville, Hauschka 49, Hauschka 24.


OFFICIALS_Referee Bill Vinovich, Ump Roy Ellison, HL Jerry Bergman, LJ Tom Symonette, FJ Steve Zimmer, SJ Allen Baynes, BJ Grantis Bell, Replay Mark Butterworth.

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