Deer collide with a car while crushing season reaches its peak in Richmond Park

Fear of Stag! Deer collide with the side of the car after colliding with antlers while crushing season has reached its peak in Richmond Park

  • Two deer locking antlers have been spotted to fight in Richmond Park, West London
  • A deer feels defeated and flees before crashing into the side of a car
  • It is currently deer mating season and people are warned to stay within 50 meters

This is the moment a wild deer crashes into the side of a car after fleeing a fight with a rival deer.

The pair of curly deer had turned a little off when they locked off their antlers in a showdown in Richmond Park, London, last Wednesday.

The video captured by a pedestrian shows elk, just yards away, gathering multiple times in an effort to assert their dominance.

Completely unaware of their surroundings, the animals approach their battle closer and closer to the road as spectators gather to watch the pair.

The stronger male deals a series of blows at his weaker opponent, who is forced to step back further.

Feeling defeated, the deer decided to flee, but ran straight into the road and crashed into the side of the car.

Lander Esparza Zodiere captured the footage in the park last week while he was on a walk.

The pair of curly deer drifted a bit away when they locked their antlers in a showdown in Richmond Park, London last Wednesday.

“I thought I was safe while maintaining sufficient distance … but it was clear that I was wrong,” he wrote on social media.

Lander said the antelope who collided with the car appeared to be “isolated from the surroundings, focused only on fighting” and did not notice the car.

Autumn is the breeding or breeding season for the 1,000 freely roaming borr deer living in the Royal Gardens in Richmond upon Thames.

Feeling defeated, a deer decides to flee, but its path becomes blocked when it runs straight down the road and crashes into the side of a car.

Feeling defeated, a deer decides to flee, but its path becomes blocked when it runs straight down the road and crashes into the side of a car.

Between September and November, which are known as “rot”, the dominant elk compete to mate with female deer by cheering over their competitors.

This could lead to a confrontation between two males who might lock horns to compete for a mate.

Royal Parks has warned people that the animals are not “Disney creatures” and recommends keeping a safe distance of about 50 yards.

How to keep elk safe during anesthesia season

Deer roaming freely in Richmond Park as well as Bushey Park on the other side of the Thames are wild animals and can be unpredictable.

Spectators and walkers need to be especially careful during both the breeding / mating season (September-November) and the natal season (May-July).

The Royal Gardens advise people to stay at least 50 meters away from deer at all times and not attempt to touch, feed, or photograph deer from close range.

Dog walkers are warned that deer can feel threatened by dogs even over long distances when they are not behaving provocatively.

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Zookeepers advise keeping your dog up front and avoiding areas where deer tend to congregate.

Walkers are advised to leave their dog off the lead, so that the dog can escape out of danger if a deer charges it.

You should try to place a vehicle or “big barrier” such as a tree between you and the deer.

If you see a deer approaching you, do not yell or wave at it. Back slowly if possible, as the deer may be content to leave his personal area.


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