David Coulthard calls up FIA after Verstappen title, Damon Hill breaks ‘unfortunate’ Ferrari | GPFans Summary

David Coulthard calls up FIA after Verstappen title, Damon Hill breaks 'unfortunate' Ferrari |  GPFans Summary

In this GPFans summary, we take you through the most read Formula 1 news of the day. Below you will find the most discussed topics of the Royal Motorsport class, grouped into one article. This way you will be fully informed of all the developments within a few minutes.

There is still a countdown to the start of the US Grand Prix. On the Tuesday before the Austin race, some things came up again. For example, David Coulthard regrets that there is a lot of confusion about Max Verstappen’s second championship. Lewis Hamilton reveals he is responsible for designing the current F1 wheel and Emerson Fittipaldi thinks winning two titles in a row is very special. You can read this and more in our brand new below GPFans Summary.

Hill ‘unfortunately’ cracks Ferrari: ‘She never offered Max a challenge’

Ferrari seemed to have the fastest package among all the teams at the start of the year, but four laps before the end of the world title battle Charles Leclerc had already had to acknowledge his superiority in Max Verstappen. Damon Hill says he is very frustrated. Read the full article? click here

Coulthard calls FIA after Verstappen title in Japan: ‘People have already turned off the TV’

David Coulthard believes there is work to be done for the FIA ​​after regulations were once again screwed up in Japan. Verstappen won the Grand Prix over Suzuka and thus became the world champion, but this did not reach everyone. Not even with Verstappen and Red Bull. Read the full article? click here

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Hamilton knows his W14 production role: ‘I have to cheer everyone up’

Although the 2022 season is still in full swing, Lewis Hamilton is already looking at next season with an eye. The Briton is hoping to be able to compete again next year to win victories and possibly a world championship knowing how important it is to keep everyone on their toes. Read the full article? click here

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton

Fittipaldi praises Verstappen: “Winning two years in a row is very special”

Max Verstappen can call himself a two-time world champion after the Japanese Grand Prix, joining a stellar list of names such as Mika Hakkinen, Fernando Alonso and Emerson Fittipaldi. The latter discusses the situation and makes it clear that both world titles for the Dutch player are well deserved. Read the full article? click here

Hamilton privately reveals Formula 1 steering wheels: ‘I designed’

It was already clear that Lewis Hamilton was a man of many talents. The Briton is involved in things like fashion and movies as well as widely known racing. What many people don’t know, according to the Briton, is that he designed the current steering wheel used in Formula 1. Read the full article? click here

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