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While it is still trading at around $206 on February 25, 2021, Dash is trading at just under $89 at the time of writing. The graphs show that this is not a “voucher”. It was announced last week that longtime CEO of Dash Core Group, Ryan Taylor, will be leaving his position at the helm of the development team. Was it with Dash and his promise of more efficient means of payment?

Dash is split into two parts

The change in leadership is not actually the end of the digital currency, but rather its rebirth. This is what one of the developers said in an interview with BTC-ECHO, who did not wish to be named. In general, supporters of Dash are polarized.

So far, there have been people who have seen Ryan Taylor as someone who should make Dash known internationally. They acknowledged the rising expenditures in the areas of business development and marketing. They also called for Dash to focus its investments on Venezuela.

On the other hand, DASH proponents criticize that DASH has missed the development zone – both financially and in interest. The resentment of this side was great. It was said that no real progress had been made since Taylor’s appointment. In addition, Taylor had frequently hired people with no vision, who often left the company after only a short time and did not have sufficient experience in their fields. When it became clear in 2021 that the promised update to “Evolution” would not come this year either, the fire started. Without a developer background, Taylor couldn’t take any measures to boost the network – the disappointment was huge.

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The drop that broke the camel’s back

The conflict between board member Mark Mason, who is in charge of public relations, and Ryan Taylor, who went public earlier this year, is the final straw. Taylor was “keeping” Mason off projects without his knowledge and without community involvement. However, Mason is paid to do his work through a special community fund.

In an online AMA, Taylor explained that he only did this to protect the DASH network. According to Taylor, Mason did not have the ability to distinguish between “designer” and “aggressive”. This would have led to unprofessional situations with integration partners in the past. Despite this, faith in Taylor, particularly among his critics, is now completely lost.

Thrilling the DASH crime with the emotions of the players

To understand the following, it is necessary to know that in the voting, funding requests are submitted by different projects and entities. Dash Core Group, headed by Ryan Taylor, has been a candidate since its inception and has always been set aside for a share of the investment in developing and building the network.

When the monthly vote to allocate money shares in the Dash community was due at night from February 21 to 22, the anger that had been building up among individual developers for months came to a head.

It appears that Dash Core Group will be withdrawn from funding. Because many developers have openly stated that they will vote “no” unless Taylor resigns. About six hours before the votes were counted, things were so bad for the CEO at the time that he promptly asked to resign as CEO and as a member of the Board of Directors.

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The developer of BTC-ECHO explains what is remarkable:

About 180 masternode owners and several hundred associates participated in this vote. Of these, a few were large whales, about a handful of large whales, and the rest of the electorate consisted of many small whales.

My analysis found that the big whales voted overwhelmingly in favor of the proposal, allowing Taylor to remain in his position as CEO. However, the small majority voted “no” and thus got his resignation. … this speaks of a good decentralization of the network, despite the fact that the will of this group has not been taken into account for almost five years

An anonymous Dash developer told BTC-ECHO

What are the next steps?

According to the developer, the community is comfortable with this outcome, but at the same time excited to see how the decentralized project will continue. First, the CEO’s question needs to be clarified. There are three suggestions to choose from.

Some want a new CEO with a developer background, others want Dash to remain topless, and the last group wants the current chief technology officer to lead the Dash Core group.

An anonymous Dash developer told BTC-ECHO

It remains to be seen who will eventually fill the new position. Then we must decide how profitable a breakup with Ryan Taylor was actually.

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