Dad accidentally shuts down the internet in two cities

Dad accidentally shuts down the internet in two cities

A French father uses a jamming device to prevent his children from going online at night. However, the effects were felt by the whole city.

The basics in brief

  • A French man has bought a jamming device to block children’s access to the Internet.
  • However, the procedure is going wrong.
  • The father is not only crippling the Internet – two cities are affected.

This educational procedure got a little out of hand: the Frenchman is upset by the fact that his children surf the Internet at night. He’s got a jammer – he wants to use it to prevent his kids from accessing WiFi.

Problem: The father doesn’t just play with the internet within his four walls. The action is causing nighttime internet outages across the city and in the neighboring city, Data Center Dynamics reported.

Possible fine and imprisonment

From midnight to 3am, for several nights, no one in the area has access to the internet. The local telecommunications company then notified the National Frequency Agency (ANFR). An employee investigates and soon realizes that the internet outage is caused by a jammer. This can also be determined where this is located.

It doesn’t take long for a father to explain to an ANFR agent that his teenage children are addicted to social media. That’s why he got information online and bought a jammer.

Do you use your mobile phone late in the evening?

“Radical solution. But above all illegal and disproportionate,” ANFR quotes a saying. Now the father of the family faces a hefty fine: if found guilty, he could face a fine of 31,000 francs, plus a sentence of up to six years in prison. He also has to pay about 460 francs because ANFR Squad.

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