D66 wanted to deny WOB’s request for Sigrid Kaag’s documentary

D66 wanted to deny WOB's request for Sigrid Kaag's documentary

The documentary about the D66 leader Kaag – which was broadcast by VPRO before the election – was already controversial. For example, Cage admitted that she would have made suggestions for changes. Attempts were made, among other things, to remove photos in which she was not wearing a seat belt.

Clips where Cage expressed himself negatively about colleagues were also removed.


Today, the docu-gate got a tail. New documents via the Government Information (Public Access) (Wob) Act show that the D66 opposed disclosure of some of the documents. It will be about parts that show that the D66 tried to pressure the documentary makers to change parts of the documentary.

The D66 faction has emailed the State Department about the matter, and also wrote the GeenStijl blog containing the documents. In the end, the State Department did not agree.

D66 threatened to deploy “necessary resources” to prevent disclosure. D66 also wanted to keep documents in which this is being defended under cover, write Telegraaf and Geenstijl. It is not known who sent the emails from the D66 because the name has been deleted

to draw away

The documents also show that officials from the State Department suggested drawing sentences that shouldn’t actually be drawn. They write that there is no “legal” reason to draw.

This happened at the time Cage was just the head of the group. The revelation is heartbreaking because Cage is calling for a new openness and new leadership.

The WOB post has since been taken offline because it contains privacy sensitive information.

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