Crocodile holding a drone while filming a documentary: “It would be hard to explain to my boss” | Instagram

Crocodile holding a drone while filming a documentary: "It would be hard to explain to my boss" |  Instagram

Photographer Dane Hirst tells Australia’s ABC about the incident a few months ago, but is present because the documentary can now be watched on Australian TV.

“All the crocodiles were jittery, but there was one that didn’t move and took a good look at the drone. I thought it was ‘cool’ because that way I could get some nice shots of the beast. I just flew the drone into place, and while I did I looked for I I saw a crocodile jump vertically out of the water; I heard its mouth shut. I looked down again, and indeed the screen had lost the signal. I thought it would be hard to explain to my boss.”

Two weeks later, they found the flying camera badly damaged, and washed up on the shore of the lake. The video card was not damaged and footage can still be extracted from the damaged drone by a group of “skilled technicians” at the broadcaster. This resulted in an amazing video. The damaged drone was given a spot on channel editors as a souvenir, but also as a warning.

The saltwater crocodile, also called the comb crocodile or saltwater crocodile, is the world’s largest crocodile-like crocodile, and therefore it is also the largest reptile and is found in Southeast Asia and northern Australia. Saltwater crocodiles can grow up to 7 meters in length. This dynasty has received some notoriety through the popular movie series Crocodile Dandy. Hunting animals is prohibited. They are also on farmer Born for their precious skin.

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