CSU plans to expand wind power: Bavaria relaxes distance rule for wind turbines

CSU plans to expand wind power: Bavaria relaxes distance rule for wind turbines

CSU plans to expand wind power
Bavaria relaxes distance rule for wind turbines

The strict 10h distance rule has slowed the expansion of Bavaria’s wind power for a long time. Now, however, CSU is also voting for relaxation. Prime Minister Söder now expects several hundred new wind turbines in Bavaria. Hydropower is also set to make headway soon.

The CSU parliamentary group has voted to relax the previous strict 10H mileage rule for wind turbines. After a debate that lasted several hours, the deputies voted in favor of reducing the minimum distance between wind turbines and residential buildings to 1,000 meters in certain areas, Prime Minister Marcos Soudah later told reporters. He hopes that as many as 800 new wind turbines will now be built. The CSU chief had originally set a goal of 500 wind turbines in addition to the X.

The 10H distance rule states that a wind turbine should be ten times as far from residential buildings as it is tall. In the case of systems often 200 meters high, this resulted in distances of at least 2000 metres. Soder said the distance rule will remain in place. However, there should now be exceptions on railroads, highways, forests or in auxiliary industrial systems. In addition, priority areas for wind turbines must be identified.

“We’re making a huge leap forward with the wind,” Sodder said. CSU’s coalition partner, the Liberal Voters, also recently spoke out in favor of relaxing the distance rule. Strict Bavarian rules have largely halted the expansion of Bavaria’s wind energy in recent years.

Soder also announced a joint meeting of his cabinet with the Baden-Württemberg government in July. The focus should be on hydropower. The Christian Social Union accuses the federal government of putting hydroelectric power, which is widespread in Bavaria, at a disadvantage when it comes to renewable energies. Joint ventures with Baden-Württemberg are possible.

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