CS separates from the Allfunds platform

CS separates from the Allfunds platform

The big bank is selling its stake in a Spanish fintech company. In doing so, it is moving forward with its restructuring.

As reported by AWP news agency, the big bank is selling its 8.6 percent stake in Spanish fund platform Allfunds. Approximately 54 million shares in Allfunds will be sold via rapid institutional investor registry building.

The stock block was recently valued at around 380 million euros. After the transaction is completed, CS will no longer own any shares in Allfunds.

Next week, on Thursday, Credit Suisse will provide more detailed information about its restoration plans. There is currently a lot of speculation in the media and investor circles about their restructuring plans. In addition to selling assets, Credit Suisse also appears to be considering a convertible bond issue. The troubled bank needs to raise capital to fund its restructuring and reform of its balance sheet.

When will inflation in Switzerland drop again?

  • By the end of the year it will be back down.

  • At the earliest, in the spring of 2023.

  • Inflation will remain between 3-4 percent with us.

  • Inflation will continue to rise in 2023.

  • Inflation will rise to 10 percent before it falls again.

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