Crypto billionaires land hard in Forbes ranking

Crypto billionaires land hard in Forbes ranking

Cryptographers are gaining ground As it is every year, Forbes magazine publishes a list Persons The wealthiest on the planet. One thing is clear from the start: There are more and more players from the crypto world in this highly closed club of billionaires.

Three times the number of encrypted billionaires than last year

Newspaper Forbes It just released its 35th annual ranking for men and women The richest in the world. The first observation before looking at the cryptosphere that appears there: Start The richest in the world are not Also worn.

And so, besides that Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder, they are 3 more people overdone in one year $ 100 billion Of heritage. The fortune club consisting of at least 7 numbers has grown 493 new arrivals In this period, on prof Total th 2 755. Quite the opposite when we see the economic hardships caused by the restrictions associated with the Coronavirus crisis.

Among these billionaires, 12 has become Thanks to Bitcoin and Cryptomones. They were not Of 4 To exceed one billion dollars thanks to cryptocurrencies last year. It should be noted that the whimsical Elon Musk It doesn’t count among those 12, though Strong cryptocurrency foray via Tesla.

Sam Bankman Fried, the new kid on the block

Forbes devotes a specific article to this Crypto billionaires. Inevitably, the ranking has been totally upset since last year.

Hence, he is the CEO of the platform FTXAnd the Sam Bankman FriedThis made his appearance this year on the list, as he took first place directly. It will be on top of a fortune of $ 8.7 billion. It is advanced Brian Armstrong, CEO of Very soon it is listed on the Coinbase platform, Which nevertheless increased her fortune dramatically, going from 1 to $ 6.5 billion In one year. Next are the twin brothers Winklevus, The founders of the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, Who have All Wealth equivalent $ 3 billion.

We’ll notice another newcomer who his company Talk about it a lot In the cryptosphere, although it was not previously associated with cryptocurrencies. it’s a Michael Saylor And his company MicroStrategy. Plus buying again and again more than Bitcoins For his company, The CEO himself wagered large sums on the king of cryptocurrencies. The result: his fortune now reaches to $ 2.3 billion.

If, of course, the cryptocurrency sector remains a “risky” asset class by traditional financial standards, it has made it possible to build real fortunes. We wouldn’t be surprised if Forbes’ 2022 ranking always includes more crypto billionaires. See you in a year

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