Cronulla Sharks vs Gold Coast Titans begin time, outcomes, information for 2020 round 14

The Sharks will run out 1-17 4 their clash with the Titans with only a slight alteration to the facet John Morris named on Tuesday.

Scott Sorensen comes into the commencing line-up, with Toby Rudolf dropping to the interchange bench.

Bryson Goodwin and Briton Nikora have equally occur out of the 19-person squad for the Sharks.

1. William Kennedy, 2. Sione Katoa, 3. Josh Dugan, 4. Jesse Ramien, 5. Ronaldo Mulitalo, 6. Matt Moylan, 7. Shaun Johnson, 8. Braden Hamlin-Uele, 9. Blayke Brailey, 10. Aaron Woods, 11. Siosifa Talakai, 12. Wade Graham, 15. Scott Sorensen | INTERCHANGE: 13. Toby Rudolf, 14. Connor Tracey, 16. Jack Williams, 17. Royce Hunt

The Titans of system have a late transform with winger Phillip Sami to be changed by Corey Thompson on the right wing.

Sami picked up a knee injuries in Spherical 12, but managed to engage in in the earn more than the Cowboys previous weekend.

1. Alexander Brimson, 18. Corey Thompson, 3. Brian Kelly, 4. Dale Copley, 20. Young Tonumaipea, 6. Ashley Taylor, 7. Jamal Fogarty, 8. Moeaki Fotuaika, 9. Nathan Peats, 10. Jaimin Jolliffe, 11. Kevin Proctor, 12. Keegan Hipgrave, 13. Jai Arrow | INTERCHANGE: 15. Tyrone Peachey, 16. Jarrod Wallace, 17. Sam Lisone, 21. Beau Fermor

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