Cota president: “A successful American can bring more races to the US”

WK-leider na Amerika ook altijd wereldkampioen

America and Formula 1, that relationship has gotten better in recent years. The US Grand Prix, won by Max Verstappen, was the most attended Formula 1 weekend ever. Circuit of the Americas president Bobby Epstein said the Formula 1 winner could be allowed three or four races in the country.

Formula 1 rights moved from Bernie Ecclestone to Liberty Media in 2017. The new American owner basically wanted to make sure that the motorsport royal class would take off in the United States. With the help of social media, streaming service, and the documentary series Drive to Survive, this appears to have been a success. However, there is only one race on US soil at the moment. A successful American Formula 1 driver can make a difference.

Three or four races

“I think a winning American driver can keep three or four Grand Prixes alive,” Epstein said. There is currently a US team with Team Haas. “And I’m certainly excited about the chances of another American team. But just having an American driver doesn’t create an audience in the stands, we’ve noticed because [Gene] hero [Guenther] Steiner and their guys have put together the best product possible. But in fact, an American champion would do well here.”

Help from Liberty Media

The Haas are not vying for the win, the new US team has to do if they want to become famous: “I don’t think they would be satisfied with driving in the back. At least I can hope so.” Epstein also hopes to get help from Formula 1 owner Liberty Media. He should invest in an American driver training program: “In the long run, this could be a risky investment. They should decide if this is in the best interests of shareholders. F1 champions at a young age on small engines or in small go-karts. So it’s a project that spans more than a decade and that will be a difficult story.”

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