Cosentino Netherlands BV | Nidum and Ovum in the massive arsenal of Grave

Cosentino Netherlands BV |  Nidum and Ovum in the massive arsenal of Grave
It has been empty for more than 15 years: Arsenal’s Jean de Boveri in Graf. This fortified town on the River Maas attracts many visitors every year. In an alluring city like Grave, this beautiful building with a courtyard garden has not been left without a destination. For entrepreneurs Lonneke van der Weyden and Aard Keijser of custom furniture company Keijser & Co, this place was loved at first sight. After an extensive two-year renovation, the doors to this inspiration center can open in November 2021. Architecture firm Feranhugo from Limburg, Echt has been able to translate the owners’ thoughts and contribute ideas about good orientation to the Ovum Restaurant.

Nidum, the house of inspiration

Nidum is a Latin word meaning “nest” and thus it is a fertile ground for inspiration where creative entrepreneurs come together. It is perfectly in line with the vision of the owners, who create a cozy nest with Nidum where every visitor feels right at home. From an ordinary person to a professional.

The new place for lovers of lifestyle, living and gastronomy. The most beautiful brands and the most inspiring stories are gathered under the huge roof of Arsenal. The beautiful location on the city walls, the beautiful garden, the atmospheric chapel and all the facilities provide inspiration from an unparalleled combination of the most surprising living innovations and the ultimate classics. At Nidum, several handpicked professionals present their brand in an accessible and customer-oriented manner.

In an architect’s lab, a dream interior can be put together in one room. Along with other high-quality brands, Cosentino has a small “showroom” here where it presents the highlights of Dekton and Silestone.

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In addition to Cosentino’s involvement with Architectenlab, material can often be seen in the Nidum, Nidum Store and Ovum Restaurant.

In the Nidum store, where you can take a piece of the experience home with you, Cosentino’s item is laid out on the counter. In this concept store, olive oil from the restaurant is sold, but also, for example, decorative pillows and coffee table books that you can find in the galleries. You will also find the most beautiful brands specialized in skin care, hair care, cosmetics and perfumes.

The egg, the joy of cooking
Ovum is a Latin word meaning “egg” and it is Nidum’s restaurant. You can go here for lunch, dinner or drinks. Enjoy a cup of delicious coffee in the lovely patio garden, a glass of wine or a good cocktail in the bar or by the inviting fireplace in the lounge.

Dekton plays an important role in the restaurant. Both the bar and the back wall of the restaurant are made Dikton Khalo† This color is inspired by natural Patagonian stone, which is a type of granite very popular all over the world for its formation and original colors. Delicate specks of black, light gold, and brown give this color an innovative look. The brushed finish with Dekton XGloss gives this color incredible shine and depth, perfectly matching the look of the restaurant.

The second tape is executed in . format Dikton MountainsColor inspired by the natural portobello stone. Beautiful gray veins with artful patterns, on a yellowish-white base. Character and elegance design.

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Dekton is also incorporated into beautiful garden furniture from Keijser & Co, which is set in the garden. Silestone was also used in stores.

In the summer of 2022, a boutique hotel will open on the top floor of the Arsenal.

Project information
location: Dangerous
Opening: November 2021
Articles by Cosentino: Dekton Khalo, Dekton Mountains, Silestone Eternal Noir, Silestone Calacatta Gold, Silestone Ironbark.

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