Coronavirus: The most recent community case visited several sites in Auckland and Wellington

Coronavirus: The most recent community case visited several sites in Auckland and Wellington

The Ministry of Health announced Sunday afternoon that the latest case of Covid-19 detected in the community has visited a number of places in Oakland and Wellington.

The case, which was close contact with a quarantine worker in Auckland, was one of six reported on Sunday. The other five are in managed isolation.

The person was at the local terminal at Auckland Airport between 5.30pm and 7.45pm on Thursday, visiting the Avis, Orleans Chicken & Waffles car rental company, The Gypsy Moth and the Hudsons while they were there.

They also went to Little Penang in Wellington between 1.15pm and 3.45pm on Friday.

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The ministry said payment alerts will be sent via the Covid Tracer app to people who have registered access to these sites.

Anyone who has been in the same place at the same time will be considered to be in accidental contact with a low risk of exposure. Contact was made directly from nearby contacts.


Two workers at a managed isolation facility in Sudima, Christchurch have tested positive for the Covid-19 virus.

The ministry said that the sixth case announced on Sunday was in close contact with a new community case, which was reported on Friday.

Friday’s case was a person in the Defense Forces service who had worked at the Gate Park Quarantine Hotel in South Auckland. He was now in isolation in the quarantine facility.

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On Saturday, 25 close contacts of the agent were identified and tested.

One of them, a civilian employee of the Defense Force, responded with a positive test.

The department said the employee did not work at the Gate Park facility, but held a work-related meeting with the first case on Wednesday, November 4, before returning home Thursday night.

The colleagues present at that meeting have been identified and are now in isolation. Those sitting near positive, on board Air New Zealand flight NZ457, were also contacted and asked to take a test.

The case was placed in the 23rd row of that flight.

As an additional precaution, we are also asking the families of those people who are in close contact with this flight to isolate until they are notified that close contact on the flight has undergone a negative test. These families are considered second-class contacts. “

“Anyone else on board the plane who is caring for their health can call the Healthline at 0800 358 5453.”

The most recent community case was now at the Mercure Wellington quarantine facility. Five people who had been in contact with people were isolated and tested.

A ministry spokeswoman said the person developed mild symptoms late Friday.

She said that an update will be provided on the sites of interest “soon”, with more updates on the issue that will be revealed at 1 pm on Monday.

A new case of Covid-19 was announced Sunday on Air New Zealand Flight 457 on Thursday evening.  The Defense Force Officer was seated in row 23.

Ross Giblin

A new case of Covid-19 was announced on Sunday on Air New Zealand Flight 457 on Thursday evening. The Defense Force Officer was seated in row 23.

Oakland Regional Public Health and Wellington Regional Public Health will continue to work with them [the person] To keep track of other attendees at the meeting, and moves after they have met [the first new community case].

“Relevant relevant websites, including any commercial activities, will be contacted and publicly informed when available. Nearby contacts will be contacted directly.”

Meanwhile, a genome test of a person who was declared positive on Friday showed a link to previously identified cases inside the Jet Park facility.

This can give us confidence that we will be able to determine how transmission occurred. We are already actively tracking this.

“At this point, there is no indication that there is any greater risk in the Oakland or Wellington areas.”

They said anyone concerned about their health should contact Healthline.

Testing was available across Auckland.

In Wellington, the test was available at the following CBAC centers: 196 Taranaki Street, Wellington Central; 178 Bedford Street, Cannon Creek Burewa; And Lower Hutt Central CBAC. You can also schedule test appointments at Team Medical, 1 Coastlands Parade, and Paraparaumu.

“Afternoon opening hours have been extended at the Porero site. Please call Healthline for any information and guidance on Wellington locations. They will direct you to the correct phone number to book the test.”

The Defense Forces require 1,300 employees to work from home

The Defense Forces have closed their headquarters in Wellington, the Defense House, where some 1,300 NZDF personnel are working, for a deep cleanup after it was announced that two of its personnel were infected with the Covid-19 virus.

“All staff will work from home until further notice,” Deputy Air Force Commander Tony Davis, deputy commander of the Air Force, said in a statement on Sunday.

Other organizations, based in Defense House, have been notified and their staff will also work from home.

Davis said both a civilian and a military have tested positive for COVID-19.

The civilian was stationed at NZDF Headquarters, the Defense House in Wellington.

Meanwhile, he said the military employee provided an excellent description of his movements in order to enable a rapid and thorough tracing process.

“We take the health and safety of our military and civilian personnel very seriously, and we will do everything we can to keep people informed and manage the situation.

We are also in contact with the Ministry of Health and adhere to its protocols.

“We are doing our best to keep our people, their families and whanau safe while we play these important roles that contribute directly to the protection and security of New Zealand and New Zealand.”

Five new cases in managed isolation

Five new cases of Covid-19 were announced Sunday at the quarantine facility in Auckland.

Ricky Wilson / Staff

Five new cases of Covid-19 were announced Sunday at the quarantine facility in Auckland.

Five of the country’s most recent cases of Covid-19 were detected at quarantine facilities in Auckland.

One case, arriving from Italy via Hawaii on November 3, tested positive on around the third day of routine tests.

Two cases from the United Arab Emirates tested positive on November 3, around the third day of routine tests. They were not traveling together.

Another case arrived from Romania, via Doha and Australia, on November 3. The test result was positive on about the third day of the routine tests.

The last case in managed isolation from Germany, via the UAE, arrived on November 5 and was transferred directly to the quarantine facility after symptoms appeared.

The ministry said the total number of confirmed cases now stands at 1,626.

Yesterday, our labs completed 4,116 tests for COVID-19, bringing the total number of tests completed so far to 1,136,936.

Call to use Covid Tracer

The Ministry of Health is urging more people to use the Covid tracer app after two new combined cases.

Kevin Stint

The Ministry of Health is urging more people to use the Covid tracer app after two new combined cases.

An earlier Friday night case prompted the ministry to issue an appeal for people to use the Covid tracer app more after only a few people were notified that they were at the same location as an infected quarantine worker.

The worker visited two companies in central Auckland during the transmission, Mezze Bar and, in central Auckland. Both companies were closed to deep cleaning after the news and are now reopened.

However, the ministry said that fewer than 20 people who were in the same place as the infected person received an alert from the tracking app, which boosted the need for people to use it.

“This case once again reinforces the importance of everyone able to use the app to keep a record of where they have been – it allows our contact tracing team to quickly notify you if you’ve been exposed to this virus, and it allows you to take immediate action to protect yourself, Wanau and your community.”

There are now 2,344,300 registered users on NZ COVID Tracer.

The app recorded a total of 109,345,126 sticker scans and users created a total of 4,547,788 manual journal entries.

“We want to reinforce the importance of every person who is able to use the app to keep a record of their whereabouts.”

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