Cool WhatsApp trick, read deleted message like this one

Cool WhatsApp trick, read deleted message like this one

In the popular messaging app WhatsApp, users get a lot of features. One of those features is the Delete for Everyone feature. Under this, users get facility to delete message from group or chat. After that the message will not be visible to anyone. Today, however, we will tell you about this trick, with which you can also read the deleted message (How to read a deleted WhatsApp message).
You just have to do that
It is a very easy way to read deleted messages on WhatsApp. For this, you have to download WhatsRemoved +, which is a third-party app. This app is available on the Google Play Store, although it is not available on the Apple App Store. This means that our trick will work on Android smartphones. Let’s know how to use it?
Read deleted WhatsApp messages like this
Firstly download WhatsRemoved + app from Play Store. Its size is only 4.90 MB.
Open the app and set its terms and conditions.
The app should grant access to phone notifications. For this, choose the Yes option.
Now you have to choose the application whose notification you want to save.
To track WhatsApp notifications, select the WhatsApp option and click on Continue.
Now you will be asked whether you want to save the files or not. You can choose the option of your choice.
Here you will also see the messages that were sent and deleted by someone.

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