Controversial former councilman Jose van Rey returns to Roermond College | right Now

Controversial member, Jose Van Re, returns to the Roermond Council. This was announced by curator Dirk Fransen on Friday.

Last month, it was already announced that Van Rey’s party, Roermond’s Liberal People’s Party (LVR), would return to the Roermond city council coalition after eight years of forced opposition.

The new council is made up of five aldermen: two from Roermond’s Liberal People’s Party (LVR) and one each on behalf of GroenLinks, VVD and PvdA. LVR is the largest city council faction with eleven seats, followed by GroenLinks with five seats and VVD and PvdA with two seats each.

Initially, discussions were held with three parties and the CDA, but Fransen ruled out the latter party from further negotiations on Wednesday.

LVR is a split from VVD. The party emerged in 2013, when the VVD party pressured Van Rey to withdraw from his candidacy for the 2014 elections on suspicion of corruption. In April 2015, VVD fired Van Ray.

A few years ago, a former VVD alderman was sentenced to one year in prison for corruption and electoral fraud. For two years he was not allowed to become an alderman, but that period expired.

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