A woman accuses an entire church pastor of abuse: ‘I lost my virginity when I was 16’ | abroad

A woman accuses an entire church pastor of abuse: 'I lost my virginity when I was 16' |  abroad

This can be seen in the live broadcast of the church service. will be according to New York Post See Reverend John B. Lowe, currently 65 years old. He allegedly assaulted Bobby Gevart, 43, when she was 16.

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Shortly after the church service, the pastor decided to confess to the church. “I committed adultery twenty years ago. It was not an affair, I misjudged, but I erred.” He then asked the church attendants to forgive him the “deep wound” he said he had caused.

This public acknowledgment was well received and at first received a warm welcome from church-goers. But suddenly a lady came up and spoke. Turns out it was the woman the priest was referring to.

“I was 16 years old when I emptied my desk onto the floor of your office.”

“I lived in a prison for 27 years,” she shouted over the microphone. “It wasn’t twenty years ago, she says now. I was sixteen when I emptied out of my sack on your office floor. I lived in a prison of lies and pain. I lied to protect the Lowe family. I thought I was a terrible person and had suicidal thoughts, and I wasn’t I realize what happened to me already.”

She continues her story claiming that “the church must know the truth. This church was built on lies but this must stop.” “I did things to my teenage body that should never have happened.”

The pictures show how the man stands next to the woman. to me Fox News He is the current partner of Gephart. Addressing Lowe in person, he said, “It’s not just adultery. It’s another level when he’s a teenager and I don’t let this guy talk about my wife that way. It’s been for nine years and people should be held accountable.”

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“Yes, it happened.”

After the couple got off the podium again, the pastor had to answer churchgoers. “If you really did this, you have to admit it. You didn’t say she was 16,” it seemed. “It was wrong. I can’t make it up anymore. Parts of the story aren’t true. It really happened,” Lowe said.

The church in question, New Life Christian Church and World Outreach, responds to the scandal that they have been “hurt and broken”. The church community said: “We feel for her and want to support her in her recovery in any way we can.”

to me New York Post Reverend John B. Lowe resigned to church on Monday. The authorities are investigating the story, but according to local radio WANE . TV No charges have been brought against Lowe yet.

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