Conservation International is in Suriname to attend a conference in Switzerland

Natuur Suriname

Conservation International Suriname (CI-S) will be participating in the NOAH Zurich Hybrid Conference in Switzerland from December 6-7. In addition, more than 300 investors gather each year to support sustainability initiatives. Since the conference has a mixed character (online and in person), it is also available for larger groups of people.

NOAH’s mission is to bring together the best of sustainability initiatives, so that digital, sustainable and profitable are the keywords this year. In this context, all aspects of sustainability are discussed. It is an ideal group of institutional investors who meet the most influential and promising startups that support healthy environment and ecosystems.

Conservation International from Suriname has been asked to participate in this prestigious, invitation-only event, which will focus on the organization’s work aimed at protecting the biodiversity of Suriname for the benefit of all Surinamens and the rest of the world.

Suriname is the greenest country in the world and is home to unparalleled natural resources and globally significant biodiversity. Through its projects in various regions within Suriname, the organization works to conserve natural capital, which is the basis of social and economic development.

By participating in this event, CI-S, as well as Suriname, gets an international platform to attract famous investors with a “green agenda” who can contribute to the realization of this important goal for the world. NOAH Zurich doesn’t say “we only have one climate” for nothing.

CI-S Director John Goedschalk will give his presentation on December 6.

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