Cold Turkey for the Russian economy

Cold Turkey for the Russian economy

nAfter Vladimir Putin began the invasion of Ukraine, discussions about appropriate countermeasures quickly erupted in the West. In addition to the withdrawal of Western companies, economic sanctions have also included a halt to technology transfer.

To some, given the Russian atrocities, the last action seemed too easy and too ambiguous. Of course, quick successes cannot be achieved with this. However, the example of the Sakhalin oil field shows that the withdrawal of ExxonMobil and its specialists severely affected Russia with some delay. Without the knowledge of American specialists, oil production almost stopped.

It is not certain whether the Russians will be able to fill these gaps. It will also be difficult to replace special technology and service personnel such as pumps from Germany and Europe for Russia.

There are reports from various industrial and agricultural sectors in Russia that spare parts are now scarce and that the confusion may end soon. The Russian economy is undergoing a cold withdrawal from Western technology and know-how.

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