Cochintrach starts: Machmeyer’s grandmothers must file for bankruptcy | regional

Cochintrach starts: Machmeyer's grandmothers must file for bankruptcy |  regional

Munich – Cute grandmothers immediately won the hearts of lions – and now the company “Kochentrach” in Munich is bankrupt.

Co-founders Katharina Meyer (33 years old) and Anna Brundermann (37 years old) got off to a great start in 2018 with the hit show “Die Höhle der Löwen” (Vox). Carsten Maschmeyer (63) and Dagmar Wöhrl (68) invested €100,000 four years ago for 10 per cent of the shares.

The idea behind it: 35 grandmothers and grandmothers standing in a Munich bakery and baking cakes, creating new recipes and gossiping at the same time. This helps avoid loneliness in old age, and retirees can also earn something extra.

Then the cakes were either delivered by grandmothers and grandfathers in Munich or sent. By the way, all 65 employees of the “Kuchentratsch” were called “grandmother” or “grandfather”, regardless of whether they actually had grandchildren.

In October 2018, Katharina Meyer (left) and Anna Bronderman captured the hearts of the members of the “Lion’s Den” jury.

Photo: MG RTL D / Bernd-Michael Maurer

Machmeyer was excited, and said, “The model of giving seniors a sense that they are having fun, that they are enjoying themselves – I’m sure they live happier and longer.”

Dagmar Wehrl also liked it: “I think you’re happy when you see that what you can do as an older person is recognised.”

However, she no longer engages in “cake gossip,” Business Insider wrote.

The President: “My heart is broken!”

But the idea didn’t seem so great after all, managing director Katharina Mayer now had to file for bankruptcy. The reasons for the failure were set out as follows:

▶ ︎Dear Cake Customers,

Cake chatter GmbH planned a crowdfunding campaign this year to fill the funding gap for the planned investments (particularly for the expansion of its 650 square meter adventure bakery). Unfortunately, the campaign was not as successful as hoped and not enough funds were raised.

The previous shareholders were not willing to bridge this gap in the current situation and unfortunately no agreement was reached between the potential investor who had a strong interest in closing the funding gap and the previous shareholders.

The bankruptcy application was filed the day before yesterday by our attorney. Nearly 80 gossip workers have been informed.”

Maschmeyer visited the staff of . company

Maschmeyer visited the employees of “Kuchentratsch” company in October 2018

Photo: Stefan M Prager

On LinkedIn, Meyer revealed what she really looks like after bankruptcy: “My heart is broken,” the 33-year-old wrote.

and investor lion Maschmeyer at the request of BILD: “We deeply regret the move by cake gossip. This is especially difficult for the many employees and seniors who have lovingly baked cake in the bakery and found a new social home there.”

Next: “Gossip is unfortunately another casualty of the past years of the pandemic and the current economic crisis: the crises of recent years have made it difficult for social startups to turn a profit. There was a rescue plan with a new investor, but it unfortunately failed – although the old shareholders were on the Willingness to sell their shares for a symbolic euro so they can save gossip buns after all.”

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