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Rolling Blackouts C.F. - Endless Rooms

2018 was the year when coastal fever in Australia experienced a major peak. first album Amal Downs It totally lived up to the expectations created by the first EPs and the band traveled the world. successor Side for New Italy He boosted the band’s fame. However, the record was released in the spring of 2020. Australia will face an extended coronavirus lockdown, and the Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever members have been destined to stay home for a long time.

endless rooms So it’s the poignant title for this third full length of the pentagon. However, the title could also certainly refer to the spacious home in rural Victoria where the band recorded in December 2020. The group added a number of guitar pedals to the instrumentation and gave the keyboard/synth/organ a greater role. looks like this endless rooms less regularly pointed; The sound has more texture and the band seems to be cautiously exploring new paths.

After a brief, eye-catching, directed introduction to a sound/rhythm box, we begin with tidal river, a catchy polyphonic single with a focus on environmental issues in Australia. After that, the album landed its first real pick with a debut – also a solo – The way you crasha typical, well-known and hot track full of fancy guitars.

The band slows down a bit more than before and then sometimes the citizens of the Go-Betweens subconsciously come to mind, as is the case with caught low† Other songs are slower dive deep (“I’m Dive Deep For Your Love”), which is distinguished by its fiery, continuous guitar action and gentle style. open your window, which was already snuffed out before the song took hold of you. The record title song is a floating pop with a cloudy keyboard part. The words are less ambiguous: “Through endless rooms we walk / Masters of small talk … Through endless rooms we walk / We just try to find a place to lie.”

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Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever is not a band where you can sing a bunch of classic songs right off your wrist. The group’s strength mainly lies in to cutinteraction, and powerful guitar patterns are as exciting as the poppy’s cross character of the music. vanishing points Typical: On top of skilful guitar work, the band lays out another distinct spatial vocal line, sometimes in its own wording. I saw you on the east shore Similar, although a bleak dose of disappointment and vigilance seems to be exploding through the sounds here. bounce off the bottom It has the allure of old-fashioned: inviting and warm with subtle drive and blackout dynamics.

As mentioned, the quintet does not always return to the tried and tested sound. that other bachelorette, my echo, is coarser-grained and has more surface area for machined sections. Great path. blue eye lake It opens with a great introduction to the “filter house” and then opens with beautiful sounds. Here, too, the group makes a strong impression.

Without going beyond their classic first recordings, the band once again managed to put together a very tasty album. An album that gives space for a sense of reality and anxiety as well as optimism and sunny energy. So the Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever problem remains a group worth paying attention to.

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