Clearview fines British privacy | Dutch IT channel

Clearview fines British privacy |  Dutch IT channel

The British Information Commissioner’s Office (ICOs) want Clearview Technologies to be fined £17 million. The company is violating British privacy law, among other things, by collecting biometric data from Britons without basis or consent.

Clearview’s modus operandi was investigated by the ICO in conjunction with the Australian regulator. Earlier this month, it was announced that Clearview should cease its practices in Australia. Now the ICO claims that Clearview has also violated UK law.

No basis or consent

The regulator states that Clearview collected biometric data from Britons, among other things, without a legal basis. The company did not ask for permission to do so. Nor were citizens informed of the data collection.

In addition, the ICO deplores the fact that Clearview has not taken any measures regarding data protection. Something mandatory under UK privacy legislation if biometric data is used. The ICO reports that Clearview has collected data from a “large number” of Britons. It is unknown how many people were involved.

The fine has not yet been officially imposed. The ICO would first like to receive the response from Clearview, after which the fine and amount will be finalized. More information is available here.

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