Church bells still ring for Francine (Driessen) Everingham

Church bells still ring for Francine (Driessen) Everingham

Spring In her childhood and youth, she heard Sagrada Familia bells ring from the Braamweg. They became “silent” when she emigrated to Australia in 1969, but now Francine Evringham (Frances Driessen, 81) sometimes hears the familiar voice that echoes when she calls on the video with her daughter, Wendy. Down Under was born in 1970, but fate has determined that she is now living in Soest-Zuid.

After a trip through Europe, Wendy ended up in Amsterdam, where – thanks to her Dutch passport – she had a work permit – she went to work in the oncology department at VU Hospital in Amsterdam. She met her current husband, Geert Zwijdest, and stayed in the Netherlands. When they started starting a family, they searched for a home in Hilversum and the surrounding area. Coincidence brought them a stone’s throw from Francine ‘Stadium.

Beautiful guys “When I stayed with my daughter and heard the chime or ringing of the bells, it took me back to the beautiful childhood I had in the area. Even when I talk to my daughter on the phone and hear the bells in the background, I think of“ coming home. ”I really want to record the sound of the bells and then have them ring in Adelaide. “

It’s horrific that the Sagrada Familia has disappeared. Two sisters got married there, and my parents’ funeral is there.

“Despite the fact that I won’t be there, I think it’s horrific that the church is gone. I have very fond memories of the services I attended there. Christmas, Easter, Ascension, Pentecost. They were precious moments in my life. Just like my first fellowship. Holy and affirming to me. Two sisters got married from the church, and my parents’ funeral is there. For me it is a church of great importance. I gave discipline to participate in Lent! You hardly learn it at the present time. “

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Francine Everingham (Frances Driessen), Adelaide, Australia; Distance: 15,874 km; Travel time: 22 hours; Time: after 9.5 hours.

Soester Courant on Wednesday February 3 has a more comprehensive essay on Francine in the Cross Frontier series.

Written by Johan Van Beek

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