China sends more missions to the moon after the discovery of minerals

China sends more missions to the moon after the discovery of minerals

CNSA, the Chinese equivalent of the US NASA, has been approved for at least three space missions as part of its lunar program. The announcement comes a day after Beijing announced the discovery of new lunar materials in samples taken by the Chang’e-5 lunar mission.

According to Chinese state media, it is a colorless, transparent, columnar crystal containing helium 3. This is an element that is said to be a future energy source.

In recent years, China has shown increasing ambitions in space travel. The country not only wants to send space probes to the moon, but is also building its own space station.

looking for water

The Chinese lunar exploration program began in 2004. Three years later, the first spacecraft was launched. Taking its name from the Chinese moon goddess, Chang’e’s program is currently focused on collecting samples from the lunar surface.

The Chang’e-7 program will focus on the moon’s south pole, an area that scientists believe is the best place to find water. NASA is also targeting that part of the moon.

Mining Mars and Space

China has also set its sights on a mission to Mars. NASA already has a Mars rover on the Red Planet and plans to bring astronauts back to the Moon again this decade.

Both China and the United States have their eyes set on the moon’s mineral resources and space mining is expected to be another source of tension between the major economic powers.

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