“China saves a lot on defense, India spends a lot”

"China saves a lot on defense, India spends a lot"

The top five places in the ranking have not changed, but it is remarkable that India and Germany are starting to spend significantly more on defense. In the UK, the budget has also grown, but by a much smaller proportion. The five nations will spend $1.1 trillion on defense this year, compared to $1.15 trillion last year. This is a decrease of 4.3 percent.

Russia is still strong

Finbold is based on information from the independent website Global Firepower. The aforementioned expenditures have been calculated as far as possible on the basis of official data published by the countries themselves. Where these are missing, estimates have been made.

Remarkably, the five “big spenders” do not necessarily have the strongest armies. According to Global Firepower, the United States is the strongest militarily, but Russia is in second place in the confrontation order, and it is not among the top five in terms of spending.

A short distance from Russia is China No. 3. It is followed by India, Japan, South Korea, France and the United Kingdom. No. 4 in terms of spending, Germany, is only 15th in the standings standings. The Netherlands ranks 37th on that list. Several factors are included in this ranking, such as manpower, equipment, logistics, and technology.

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