China is working on its space helicopter to explore Mars | Science

China is working on its space helicopter to explore Mars |  Science

After America, China will now send a helicopter to Mars to explore the Red Planet: another step for the Chinese in their goal of becoming the greatest power in space.

Chinese NSSC helicopter. © NSSC / CAS

China is working on its small helicopter to explore Mars, according to the Chinese space research organization NSSC. The vehicle resembles the creative helicopter that NASA placed on the Red Planet in February. The Chinese helicopter is intended for the subsequent Mars mission, but China has not provided further details.

The Ingenuity made its first flight in April, when it rose to about 3 meters above the surface of Mars. This helicopter made the first man-made aircraft to fly on another planet.

The American Helicopter was an experiment to see if helicopters were suitable for Mars exploration. The planet’s atmosphere is 99% less dense than Earth’s. To compensate for this, the blades spin faster than is necessary for a helicopter on the ground.

China placed the first lander on Mars in May. Only the United States and the Soviet Union succeeded before. In 2033, China wants to be the first country to allow people to set foot on the Red Planet.

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